Fuck the dissidents, it’s the facial recognition impaired drug dealers I’d be worried about.


Go to bed Fitzy


Aussie minister for immigration having a crack at illiterates and innumerates like @Fitzy and @Chucks_Nwoko


At this point, it is important to point out that 26% of the population of Australia is foreign-born.

What’s Ireland’s percentage, out of curiosity?


Fitzy worships him, down in the bottom of the garden, inside in the green house, roaring at the veg about “those fucking immigrants coming in and taking all the jobs” whilst he spends 5 ours a day on the motorway with only a 5 litre of water to talk to


Bedsit boy, would you not like a little garden yourself? Down between the foot of the bed and the pisspot? It’d form a nice little breakwater for the nights you come home scuttered and misfire.


@Chucks_Nwoko @Loko_Cove @caoimhaoin @The_Selfish_Giant and others, have any of ye ever shipped a box from Ireland to Australia - if so, can you recommend a suitable supplier to fit this need? Don’t need it to be delivered fast, shipped rather than air, want to keep cost down as I’m a miserable fucker. Thanks in advance, no time wasters please.


Dunno mate. I arrived out with the clothes on my back and $200 in my arse pocket many moons ago. I never had to worry about taking anything else from Ireland. I had nothing else. You couldn’t put my tireless work ethic and indomitable hunger for success in any box per se.


You’re a credit to the nation and Monaghan mate, you have a great way about you, I’ve always thought that.


Do you think we’re safe from the TERROR out here Fitzy? Or is our demise currently being plotted in a Fairfield mosque?


The only terror we’re facing is the ongoing stupidity and dog whistling from right wingers and monarchists.
I was at a supplier the other week and he had a load of delicious food for morning tea after Eid. Our Muslim brothers and sisters are lovely people in my experience.


how big is the box?


What size box we talking. Sent one home a few years ago with Australia Post and it was ridiculous. Cost more than the contents





You wouldn’t believe what this lad can ship around the globe, he’s your man.


The Nauru files: 2,000 leaked reports reveal scale of abuse of children in Australian offshore detention


But they stopped the boats, so it’s alright, no one gives a shit. Meanwhile, the human cost of this is staggering. It is disgusting beyond belief.

In other news, the tory government here completely fucked up the census last night.


Incidentally, I am now on my third attempt to have a box picked up in Ireland to be shipped here. It is highly frustrating.


Really? The brother in law is here at the moment and flying back in the next few days if you want to send it on.