Is it something that can be ingested?


Thanks for the offer Juhy, but I’d hate to put him out. The box is currently sitting in my brothers apartment in Dublin, he’s on holidays in Spain, courier missed the window to pick it up before he fucked off on holidays. This is after another courier missed the previous pick up window. Now we have one opportunity left. However, the delightful Agnieszka at Titan Logistics is working hard to resolve the situation.


No mate, @The_Selfish_Giant moved back to Ireland a few years ago.


Were you and @The_Selfish_Giant mates out here?


Yes mate. I will brook absolutely no criticism of my good friend @The_Selfish_Giant , he sorted me out with an issue there a few years ago. He is a top, top man.


You should have kept him on a retainer


The Olympic coverage on channel 7 is a fucking joke.


Does this surprise you? Imagine what Channel 9 would do with it.


The entire state of South Australia is likely to be without any juice for the next 12 hours.

I’m embarrassed for my country.


hahahahah, jesus, you’d hardly see that in Africa, what kind of mickey mouse operation is the Australian esb?


Ye are in the dark ages anyway


Haha yeah.

C’mere, have you caught yourself a swan for lunch yet?


Up your game son.



Signing out!!! Best of luck to my Aussie mates @Chucks_Nwoko and @Fitzy. Keep up the good fight and maintaining the high quality of this site for 24hrs.


Amazed you’re not hanging around for Arnie’s triumphant march to the title mate.
Best of luck, presume you’re settling back in the oul sod? You ok @Chucks_Nwoko ?


I know, rock solid this year. Must pass on Brandon O’Neill’s contact details to Martin O’Neill.
Aye settling back to Dublin.


I’m holding auditions in the new year for a new drinking and gambling buddy. Ability to cover any spot across the back 4 half-heartedly for Loko will be looked upon favourably.


I see the Irish destroyed some beach in Sydney over Christmas… Left it in absolute shit.


I think you’ll find it was the oirish my epal.