At least she wasn’t in a GAA jersey.


Daughter is in Perth years,she says the carry on weekly of lots of Irish is shameful, acting as if they’re at home, fighting,puking,etc etc,not all but a sizeable amount fcuking it up for normal kids who don’t act like this




I don’t believe I can bump a more relevant thread;


Unleash the maoris on these cunts


Shame,dirty Irish name follows us all over the globe


Cc @Tassotti typical


“Their response was basically if we have a problem then we can pick it up and that that’s what the council is for.



Ah sure, it’s their culture, is it not?


Well if u read my previous post ref my daughter in Perth on about the misbehaving Irish,yes it’s typical of some, vast majority or Irish abroad are fantastic and v welcome anywhere,but judging local media in Oz PPL are getting fed up of dirty , drunken Paddy


I’m shocked, according to the media only our best and brightest left, no way would they behave like this. Could the Aussies/Kiwi’s have made a mistake?:slight_smile:


Hopefully they’re the illegals


There are no illegal Irish in any country in the world, just undocumented. :slight_smile:


Word play


I see I’ll have to watch my Ps and Q’s here,much sharper than boards


Nice to see were still sending them down our degenerates and reprobates all these years later


Increasing the average IQ of both countries in one go.






We always did