We were jogging north on Pacific Blvd in Buddina, towards the lighthouse there. Really nice views across the sunny coast btw, highly recommended. Anyway, an old chap walking his dogs flags us down as we meet him. Points out what and where I need to be looking up ahead. Navigated the next 100m with extreme caution until I spotted the fucker. Kept a wide berth (essentially crossed the road) and he didn’t arc up or anything.

Wasn’t til I researched them this evening that I realised how poisonous they are. Good little adrenaline rush all in all.

Most of the above did happen.


Most of the above did happen.

So which bit didn’t?


I was being facetious.


I know


Who were you jogging with?


My life partner.


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@Sidney would you like to tweet this? You can use your pro racist HBV account or your anti racist hill16 account depending on your moods.




Lay off the drugs, bud.






I’m sorry you think that. I’d agree with @Sidney on the anti traveller stuff. But he’s thrown out racist jokes himself here 8n the past about chinese (they dont count) and anti gay stuff. Not to mention his outrageously offensive meltdown at art. And he was full whack throwing out disgraceful racist misogynist stuff as HBV on Twitter. A lad screaming racist stuff in a pub claiming he’s being ironic is still a cock. A lad doing the same on Twitter is the same.


The advice is to basically not go anywhere near them if you can help it, for obvious reasons. Most people are bitten when they accidentally step on one or some such. I’d imagine snakes are pretty scared shitless seeing a human.
Cool story brah, I’m here 18 years and yet to see one.
Fitzy jnr stayed at a property in the country on New Years and they observed a 2 metre long Red Bellied Black Snake.
The SMH has run some rather disturbing articles about dangerous Australian animals in the last days


Gone past deportation now.


Ah lads, just wait for it, just fucking wait for it



Fucking bastards.


‘we only just watched Jaws today’



Leonie Ryan has a lovely way about her.


Heard that on newstalk today