Aussie Rules 2017 - Gas Cunts


Good article on Dusty


Thats a great read…will they win in the morning?


I see Mark O Connor is competing for Geelong in the Grand Final Day sprint


So Richmond win comfortably and Dusty makes it a clean sweep winning the Norm Smith. His goal near the end probably tipped him over as whilst he was good, he wasn’t starring. Adelaide started well and at mid way point of the second quarter it looked like their game and Rory Sloane to win best on ground. But Richmond then kicked 7 or 8 unanswered into the third and ended it as a contest. Great win for them and their big fan base. It’s the biggest jump ever from season to season with them finishing 13th last year.


When did they last win it gman? One was the old traditional Melbourne clubs yeah? Thier fans have struggled for quite a while I believe?


Did Mark O Connor win his race?


Last won in 1980, and lost one in 82 and never made the final since, so quite a while alright, but not the longest. They would always have one of the biggest fan bases going and there was uproar that they couldnt wear their traditional black and yeloow sash jersey. The purists in Victoria saying they are a traditional team and fuck Adelaide not being part of the VFL.


he didnt make it to the final of it anyway. I think the run semi finals before the game and I didnt see those, only the actual final itself at half time. Was won by a Richmond player (obviously not playing today)


Where does the biggest famine lie among the traditional Melbourne clubs?


Off hand, I’d say St Kilda

The bulldogs win last year was a gap to the 50s.

Just checked, Melbourne have 2 years on the saints for the longest wait. 1964 opposed to 1966 for St Kilda.


Saw a list of teams by years they are awaiting to win the AFL Grand Final

53 Melbourne
51. St Kilda
23. Fremantle
22. Carlton
19. Adelaide
18. North Melbourne
17. Essendon
14. Brisbane Lions
13. Port Adelaide
11. West Coast
7. Collingwood
7. Gold Coast
6. Geelong
6. GWS
5. Sydney
2. Hawthorn
1 Western Bulldogs
0. Richmond


At least there is variety in the winners unlike the GAA


One of the Richmond players was getting lucky after winning the grand final…


A decent investigation into this going on. Woman in the photo says she didn’t give permission to circulate photo and her reputation has been tarnished.

I presume someone’s recognised those fantastic tits.


Is there a face to go along with the tits?


No. Those tits are as good as a face in the eyes of the law.


Odd that gman put those black squares there


sorry pal. here you go


Australia have named their squad for the international rules “event”. It is a serious side. They will smash the Irish. There really is very few fillers on that squad. It is really going to suit the likes of Betts, Wingard, Ablett, Dangerfield, Selwood, Sloane. They only have one ruckman, Paddy Ryder, so it is really a team made up of inside mids and pocket forwards. Very few defenders on it too though, mostly ball players throughout, no real lock down defender, mostly half backs and flankers.

Gary Ablett (Gold Coast), All Australian 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 (vice-captain), 2011 (captain), 2012 (vice-captain), 2013 (vice-captain), 2014. Never previously played IRS.
Eddie Betts (Adelaide), All Australian 2015, 2016, 2017. IRS representative 2010, 2015.
Travis Boak (Port Adelaide), All Australian 2014, 2014. IRS representative 2014.
Shaun Burgoyne (Hawthorn), All Australian 2006. IRS representative 2008.
Patrick Dangerfield (Geelong), All Australian 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017. IRS representative 2010, 2014, 2015.
Nathan Fyfe (Fremantle), All Australian 2014, 2015. Never previously played IRS.
Brendon Goddard (Essendon), All Australian 2009, 2010. IRS representative 2006, 2014, 2015.
Toby Greene (Greater Western Sydney). All Australian 2006. Never previously played IRS.
Michael Hibberd (Melbourne), All Australian 2017. Never previously played IRS.
Rory Laird (Adelaide), All Australian 2017. Never previously played IRS.
Zac Merrett (Essendon), All Australian 2017. Never previously played IRS.
Scott Pendlebury (Collingwood), All Australian 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014. IRS representative 2008.
Paddy Ryder (Port Adelaide), All Australian 2017. Never previously played IRS.
Joel Selwood (Geelong), All Australian 2009, 2010, 2013 (captain), 2014 (captain), 2016 (captain), 2017. IRS representative 2014 (captain).
Rory Sloane (Adelaide), All Australian 2016. Never previously played IRS.
Chad Wingard (Port Adelaide), All Australian 2013, 2015. IRS representative 2014.
Dayne Zorko (Brisbane Lions), All Australian 2017. Never previously played IRS.


That’s a serious squad alright