Aussie Rules 2017 - Gas Cunts


Richmond after opening up a 5 goal lead here now on Geelong and will win their first final since 2001. Likely they will now have a home semi final against GWS (or Port Adelaide or West Coast)

If Geelong are to get through, they’ll have to overcome most likely Sydney at home and then go win in Adelaide. A very tough ask.


No one cares about the actual results mate, we only want to hear how the Irish lads are getting on.


Zach Tuohy lost today mate. played ok. Conor McKenna lines out for Essendon against Sydney tomorrow


What way do the play offs work in AFL?

Sounds fierce complicated . Preliminary finals etc.


8 teams qualify. Top four play, 1 v 4, 2 v 3. Winner into semi final and gets the following week off. Loser plays the one of the other four. 5 v 8 and 6 v 7. Loser gets knocked out, winner plays the loser of the top 4 playoff games. Winner of that game get into the semi final then.


Christ what a finish to the eagles port game. Went to extra time and then the eagles kicked a goal after the siren to win by 2. Fucking Bt cut their coverage at the end of normal time to watch a load of rugby players warming up. Luckily got to see it on IPTV stream anyway. Some game


Geelong leading Sydney 58-22 at half time
Patrick Dangerfield with four goals.
The cats have been awesome, they’re killing it on contested possessions, playing like the Swans normally do, except a turbo charged version

Will be interesting to see how the Swans react, but right now they’re getting hammered


They’ve been very poor. Rampy is all out of sorts on Dangerfield, although he is getting very soft frees. Tuohy is having a very solid game for the Cats.


New four year contract for Conor McKenna.


yeah well deserved. Has got more years/money than would be normal for a player of his age/experience, but he is in a different category too. Seems also that other clubs were sniffing around too which probably meant the longer term contract from Essendon to keep him tied up.


Zach’s boys are fucking smashing Sydney :facepunch:


mentioned in commentary there that he is only one of 2 players to have played every game this year for Geelong. Tuohy is also second in the current list of consecutive starts in the AFL having now played 113 times without missing a start. Fair going.


Thats damn impressive. Whos on the other side? Is Zach in line to do a jig?


It’d be tough for them. they have to go to Adelaide now and play the crows, and on the other side of the draw Richmond are in the semi awaiting the winner of GWS and West Coast. Richmond have already beat them handy.


First of the semi finals about to kick off here now between Adelaide and Geelong.

There was a bit of controversy about Adelaide and how they line up for the national anthem, they stand like robots, nearly like a bad video game from the 90’s or something. Apparently they do it as a show of strength like the haka as they face opposite their opponents. Odd, but not sure why the furore over it.

Anyway, I reckon Adelaide will win this one. Although would be great to see Geelong and Zach 2E get through.


Hon Zachary.


They’re getting smashed so far. 5 goals down at the first quarter and playing shit and Adelaide playing really well. Dont think we’ll see a grand final podium jog* this year.





thank you.


Townie cunt Tuohy.