Aussie Rules 2017 - Gas Cunts


I hear Conor McKenna is flying with his side now.

I’d say we’re unlikely to see him back now.

Are there many Irish lads actually getting a regular game over there now?

Tuohy? Hanley? McKenna?


Australian ninja warrior is top dog these days


That army vet is a bit of a baysht.


Thought his dwarfism would go against him with the wall but he nailed it


He had something explode in his face in Afghanistan and played on it. Funny there were no scars from such a(n) horrific incident.


I can’t believe the tradey did it


They’re losing valuable advertising revenue by allowing women compete.


as you may see above, I noted his “flying it” about a month ago. Says a lot that he has made an impact this year with the suspended Essendon players coming back and he didnt make it last year when they were absent. Unlikely he will return soon alright, had expected this to be his last year to get into the side and make or break, but looks like he has made it and cemented his spot.

As for others, Tuohy is having a great season after moving to Geelong. Highly regarded and noted by many as the best or at least one of the best transfers of the off season. Hanley has had a slower start to his move to Gold Coast. His brother dying and him missing a few weeks and then being injured has meant he hasnt had much of an impact so far. Still a top ten player for them but probably has the ability to be one of their star players. His brother at Brisbane seems to be improving in the reserve team.

Ciaran Sheehan and Ciaran Byrne are both still at Carlton overcoming longterm injuries. Sheehan played his first game in ages last week but dont think he went too well. Seems like Byrne is back ready to go too and pushing for a starting spot.

Mark O Connor was catapulted into the first team very quickly. He played a couple of games and then went back to the second team. He showed promise, so I’d reckon he’ll get another crack at it soon enough.

There are also a couple of young lads at St Kilda, Ray Connelan and Darragh Joyce who are still going through their rookie season. Conor Nash and Conor Glass are both rookies at Hawthorn. Colin O Riordan is another rookie at Sydney. As far as I know, all are playing in the second teams of the clubs.

Paddy Brophy quit during the season and left West Coast. Was going no where really, was doing well with the reserves but never really looked like he would break through to the first team.


The barefoot ninja did it


Some lad with no calf muscle coming up :joy: You couldn’t make it up.


A lot of military guys doing this too


Ditzy must feel.embarrassed he joined these chump’s ninja gym


Sign in fisty.


FAO @Nembo_Kid


2 AFL executives sacked today
Their diversity officer resigned last week


saw that alright. 2 auld married lads having a go on some younger female staff is all they would say.

the diversity lad game some fella a right haymaker in a game a few weeks ago.


fao of @Nembo_Kid Derry man Conor Glass makes his debut for Hawthorn this Saturday against Fremantle. Not live on TV, but I see Essendons game is on live on BT3 at 7.30am so you’ll get to see Conor McKenna in that one.

Speaking of McKenna, video of him being interviewed with his brothers was online after the last round.


just saw this video on that 7AFL page too. Fucking ironic that Kennelly is talking about McKennas strange accent with his own utter shit mongrel of an accent.


My sources in eire Og expect Sheehan back were they to make later stages of County Championships, and there is a suspicion he may not return.

Idle talk, but not overly surprising.

To give you an insight of where carlton are, i was in a forum discussion recently with their head of S&C. He had never heard of Aerobic Plyometrics before the discussion. Fair enough. But then he went on to scoff at us all in there and go on facebook and write a rant on it calling people like us bluffers.

Completely failing to do his reserach and see how effective it was and the mounds of research.

When i checked him out he is a general army type with a go hard or go home attitude. Not condusive to keeping AFL players on the field.


not overly surprising either that Sheehan may throw his hat at it. Byrne too. a long time out there and being crippled over it all. Carlton have had massive injury problems for the last few seasons, I seem to recall them having more serious long term injuries than any other club.