Aussie Rules 2017 - Gas Cunts


This would make sense.

The Sheehan thing was very strange. Worth a shot for him. But his age, his injury history (of the shoulder as well which is a death kneel for AFL) and his widely known “home bird” ness all made that a surprise tbh.

Many think it was Kenneally trying to get rid of Kerrys biggest threat.


thats some stretch of imagination for conspiracy theories! Sure Kennelly is in the midst of destroying Kerry football, he has no allegiances as long as he lines his pockets.


Well thats onlbviojsly a stretch but teams were sent back to him tine and again, he was sold very hard. Maybe to do with him giving in.

Whats he coming back to? A team destroyed by the county board


It’s the biggest irony of all that lads from Munster should slag Ulster lads about their accents being hard to fathom.

We have guys on here from Limerick and Cork who probably sound like the Healy Raes giving elocution lessons. You couldn’t make it up.


Conor Glass made the step up the weekend.


Yup. Did well, very composed on the ball. One of the reviews picked him out:

It was hard to miss the Hawks’ redhead debutant from County Derry in Ireland. Even Conor Glass’ fluorescent beard lit up Domain Stadium when he skipped on to an AFL field for the first time seven minutes into the first term (when Luke Hodge had to depart via the blood rule). Dead set, you just about needed sunglasses. Glass didn’t take long to get amongst the action and had five touches by quarter-time. He’s got plenty of speed and looked composed across half-back. He did plenty of good things in a very promising debut.

On another note, hawthorn actually train with a gaa ball too. Helps them find the sweet spot apparently in their kicking.


He’s broken the Glass ceiling.

I give him about two more games before he gets an injury that keeps him out for 18 months.


Rian O’Neill attending Aussie Rules trials in Melbourne. He’s the younger brother of Oisin O’Neill. Would be a huge loss for Armagh if they lose him. Arguably an even bigger talent than his brother who is a great prospect.


This must be surely our greatest time of representation


Currently 12 players on AFL books. Not sure if there has been a higher number at any time alright.


the 12 best GGA players play AFL now, id feel sorry for the gahliban with the dregs they have left


Austin Gleeson is currently the best GAA player and he resides in Ireland and plays for Waterford, brah.


never heard of him


That’s not really relevant - I’m just correcting your statement.


who does he play GGA for?


I believe he plays the niche GAA sport.


tug o war, rounders or stick hurling?


Stick hurling.


It’s the only authentic Irish sport, mate.


odd that it was invented by british landlords then mate