Aussie Rules 2017 - Gas Cunts




Odd that you’ve nothing to back this up, mate — The word iomanaiocht pre-dates these landlords by hundreds, if not thousands, of years.


It’s more than niche, it’s h’unreal.


a few lads running around fields with a stick and a conquer is a million miles away from todays game which the brits invented to keep their slaves occupied


Not a conker and pre -dates your landlords


Some kind of hurling game developed from the medieval and by the eighteenth century it had taken some recognised shape. However, our knowledge of the game is not very specific. The game was adopted by the plantation owners towards the end of the seventeenth century and they gave it the leadership and protection it required. An example is the Cosby family in Co. Laois.

A Hurling Landlord

The Cosbys were an Elizabethan family that settled in Stradbally, Co. Laois in 1563. The first of the line was notorious for his cruelty to the Irish. A descendant of his was Dudley Cosby, who died in 1729. His son, Pole, wrote thus about him in his autobiography: ‘He danced on the ropes as well as any rope dancer that ever was. He was a fine tennis and five player, a most extraordinary fine hurler and very fond of all those things, and practised them very much when he was young and able.’

Dudley Cosby and Nicholas Purcell of Loughmore would have been contemporaries, and the distance between Stradbally and Templemore is not very great. It is conceivable that they had a contest between their estate teams, with a hefty wager on the winner!

This period is known as the Golden Age of Hurling, which may come as a surprise to many, but it didn’t last and its decline was rapid


That’s lovely, mate but i’ve provided proof in the link above that shows Hurling in both language and physical artifact was popular throughout the Island and pre - dates the landlord rubbish you are copying and pasting.

Hurling was written about in the Brehen Laws and recorded later in the 11\12th centuries when monks began recording the history, myths and legends of this Island. Depictions of hurleys have been found on graves all over the Island dating back 13/14th centuries when the Brits were barely a presence on the Island bar a few strong holds.


Cosby bastards :rage:


Stradbally cunts.


yes mate, people held sticks in their hands before the brits invented stick stick


They still talk about the goal Paddy Muckman scored in 975A.D in Bruree. Co. Limerick.


Thank fuck for the Brits or we could have ended up with Shinty


Would they be the same Cosby’s?


Probably? So you do not know what we soubd like?


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Conversly i have used AR ball with great effect for hardening guys up. Great game to introduce to Minors especially


Interesting, anecdotally I know that Americans find the northern accent very difficult to understand, I fell into conversation with an old lad from Armagh a few weeks ago and to be honest I only got about 40% of it, supppse the same could be said of lads from Wesht Cork and Kerry


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Cork and Kerry region has the most changes of accent in the world apparently. Its every few miles sooner than anywhere else apparently a distinct change happens.

The Derry female accent is lovely.

As is a certain type of female Londoner accent