Aussie Rules 2017 - Gas Cunts


Whats homophobic about it?

Is it a slur to point out someones homosexuality.

Surely it matters little


Yeah often do it too. Good for reactions too on breaking balls and it’s a bit of craic too to change things up


No. I’m not Uruguayan, I’m Italian.


Ya exactly, a change that has benefits and not just for the sake of it


You’re Columbian as well aren’t you?



Cc @Nembo_Kid


Some pretty big retirements announced over the last few weeks. Luke Hodge, Jesse White, Stevie Johnson (very sad to see Stevie J go, one of the more entertaining footballers in recent years), Sam Mitchell, Nick Riewold, Matthew Priddis and today Bob Murphy.


Lots of big name retirements this year alright. Although I must say I laughed hard there Fitzy. In you list, your have Hodge, 300+ games 4 Prems and 2 Norm Smiths; Johnson 300 games 3 Prems and 1 Norm Smith; Mitchell 300 games 4 Prems and Brownlow; Riewoldt 300 games Rising star and loads of club B&F; Bob Murphy 300 games and kinda prem captain; Matt Priddis 200 odd games and Brownlow - All of them All Australian too as well as club best and fairest

And Jesse White? :thinking:


Lads @Fitzy @Gman

What is the story with Carlton? I used to work with a die hard Carlton fan during my time in Brissie (2004). Hence, I often have a look where they end up on the ladder each year as this poor chap was about 10 times more delusional than your typical Limerick hurling fan.

At least Richmond and Melbourne seemed have improved a little in recent years.

I see Cartlon are brutal again? And have been most years since 2004?


Promotional poster from 2008, edited slightly

Carlton are an enigma. Collingwood arent far off them either but at least have had some success. And both seem to have similar issues. A very unstable board of management who can make rash decisions and have made poor recruiting choices.

Carlton had a load of first round draft picks, and whilst they did pick well and those players have done them well, they never filled the rest of the team around them. But even at that, none of them became absolute stars, just above average middle of the ground players. They had serious potential, but never made anything of it. They let go of Eddie Betts, arguably the greatest ever small forward. They made some rash managerial decisions, from a board with fuck all football experience, more fan type setups within it. Carlton are one of the historically big teams, like Collingwood and Richmond, but like both, have not exactly been a big team for quite a while. Fans have that sort of delusion of grandeur still about them as if they are a contender, when they are anything but. There is fuck all good about their set up right now, from their board, to management to their playing list. Mediocre at best.


I have come across both a player and a staff member that would support this view.

Alot of Aussie Rules clubs at all levels would still have a somewhat similar old boys set up to what we have with rugby here.

Only difference is the word cunt is uaed alot more over there


Yeah, fair point actually.


Carlton are your typical Melbourne club who have never accepted that anyone outside of Victoria should be allowed to play AFL, while continuing to be hammered on a constant basis by clubs outside of Melbourne.


Swans battering table topping Adelaide here at the Adelaide Oval, 43-14 in the second quarter. Swans win and they go top 4 (at least for tonight). Some turnaround for a team that lost their first 6 games of the season.


Fuck them cunts…

How are my beloved Magpies doing?


shit. Their manager will be sacked soon too.


Yeah - i’ve been keeping a distant eye on them… They never replaced the quality of Didek and a few of the boys have been around a while now - Cloke, Swan etc. They still have a relatively young team tho?


Cloke plays with the Bulldogs and Swan is retired.

Young enough, but rely on Pendlebury an awful lot and have no good key forward.


Cloke and Swan :rofl:


its now 43-35 :astonished: