Aussie Rules 2017 - Gas Cunts


That’s what I said mate - I’ve kept a distant eye on them. :grin:

I haven’t watched AFL since the TFK tipping comp 2 years ago.


What’s your fucking problem you rat?


Yeah, Crows have scored the last three majors. They’re not the ladder leaders for nothing
McGovern having a stormer. Cracking match


No problem at all precious. That gave me a laugh


McGovern would be a nice addition to the Eagles if his brother can convince him to move. Although I think he is being over rated a tad too after some spectacular marks and goals.




Only joking, mate… I haven’t seen them in 2 years, tho you’d never guess.


yeah. goneski. Cant see any way he stays on after the year they had and the comments he has made about being the right person fro the job etc. He has been very good in his media dealings.


He’s an unbelievable marker of the ball, tall, athletic with amazing hands. But he’s a brutal kicker.
Swans have done well to.keep the supply to Eddie under wraps, but every time he gets near the thing the crowd go wild and the Swans go into full panic mode. He’s a super player.
This is a really good game, two top teams. 43-35 to my beloved Swans at ht


He’s there still because he has his head stuck up Eddie’s are.
He definitely gonski after this season, he’s been an absolute disaster as a coach.
Eddie might well be gone as club president soon as well. Big move against him at the moment. If only we could get the TV as well. I fucking detest him.


A pure Sydney warm up?


Always thought he was living off ayimg ability and only had rudimentary coaching ability that seemed to be a copycat approach rathet than anything else.


yeah from what I remember, he was pretty much catapulted into the job without any coaching back up. Similar to James Hird and Michael Voss. Club legends, but went from playing to very minor coaching to straight into senior roles. Others like Scott Burns, Robert Harvey, Stewart Dew and Peter Sumich are all biding their time getting experience and being assistants first.


you should have said nothing earlier! Its gone from 43-14 when you posted earlier to 43-48!

and Buddy gets one of his trademark left wing runs and goals!


Good win for the Swans. Keeps their top 4 chances alive well after that.


A brilliant game of football. Great win for the Swans against a serious side like Adelaide. We’re definite contenders now.


fao @Nembo_Kid

At 3 minutes in. Very much going from strength to strength this season


One of the best underage players I have ever seen. Sadly, it’s unlikely he’ll don a Tyrone jersey in a Championship game.


We’re ?


How are freemantle doing?