Aussie Rules 2017 - Gas Cunts


Gone to shit


Richmond beat them by 104 points yesterday. Does that give you an idea?


Got it


So regular season finished yesterday and the Adelaide are the minor premiers on percentages over Geelong, with Richmond and Greater Western Sydney not far behind.
@Gman 's West Coast Eagles just made it into the top eight for the finals by almost the slimmest of slimmest margins, 0.5% over Melbourne, who somehow, in a make or break game, lost to Collingwood yesterday, which was pretty stupid. Port Adelaide fifth, wankers. Essendon sixth, good for them.
But of course, the biggest story of the year are the glorious Sydney Swans. Lost out first six games and we’ve finished sixth, the only team to have ever qualified for the finals after losing the first four games. The Swans have been brilliant since round 7, culminating in a wonderful win over Adelaide last weekend.
It’s been a cracking season so far, any one of Adelaide, Swans, Richmond, Geelong or GWS you’d fancy have a decent chance of winning the flag. The spread of teams reflected in crowds this season with over 6.7 million attending games. Contrast that with the NRL, which continues to fall significantly in support. There have been many NRL games with less than 10k crowds and they one round where less than 90000 people showed up (for the entire round). You get that for a Friday night game at the MCG in the AFL. Rugby League is dying.
AFL could well be dying on the Gold Coast though. Rodney Eade was sacked a few weeks ago (poor Rodney’s been sacked by most clubs in the AFL) and Gary Ablett Jnr is leaving, most likely on his way back to Geelong. He didn’t play on Saturday against Port Adelaide. It showed. The final score was 135-20. So Gold Coast scored 3 goals and 2 behinds in an entire game. I wouldn’t mind, but in the 2nd quarter it was 14-13 at one stage. Always concerned about the viability of this club, a scoreline like suggests a terminal situation.
There is some cheery news this morning however. Nathan Buckley has been given a new two year contract at Collingwood. The rest of the league rejoices. Four years in a row they haven’t made the finals and they give him a contract extension. God bless Eddie, another two years at least of laughing at the Magpies.
Cheer Cheer the Red and the White. It’s going to be a great finals series.


Thats crazy on the Buckley thing. He even said himself mid season he was preparing for the exit door.

Was some game yesterday in Subiaco. Final game there and it was a memorable one. There is no doubt that the Crows being guaranteed first played a part, but at the same time, the Eagles still had to beat the top placed team by more than 20 points. It looked dodgy near the end, Josh Kennedy unusually missing some sitters. But Lewis Jetta stepped up with a magnificant goal and then Jack Darling with a great mark in the goal square sealed it. The Eagles fucked up a couple of games earlier in the season (Collingwood and St Kilda in particular) so on the basis of things, they could argue they deserve their spot. And fuck Melbourne and that whingy diving ginger prick Oliver Clayton.

Its a good spot too. If they were to pick any team to play, it would be Port Adelaide. They have played twice this year, with the away team winning each time. Sydney and Essendon are both better than Port in my opinion, so its not a bad draw and who knows, they could pull off a Bulldogs run, maybe even Nic Nat to come back in if they got over Port!

Sydney look formidable though. Its a really close one this year, there is no stand out team at all. They all have their glaring weaknesses. Adelaide look good at home though, so I do think they could make it to the final.


That Buckley thing is hilarious.

Mickey Hartesque


AFL is hated all along the east coast mate

in other states such as SA & WA where they have nothing else to do its popular

the fact that you don’t like NRL suggests you haven’t assimilated into east coast life


The 2 bottom teams in the AFL this year were the Queenslanders.

NRL also managed a coup with the new stadium in Perth. They have the opening games there as the AFL wont start for another 2 weeks after. Even though there is no NRL team in Perth, nor any player from WA with either of the teams!


do they play any sports in WA? they haven’t a rugby team either and all the Glory players are from QLD or NSW


no pal. Aborignal shooting was probably the preferred hobby for the Wild West, particularly in the north but that was banned a few years ago. So I think they just mainly sit around smoking weed and drinking XXXX and driving their utes into kangaroos.


You’re so out of touch mate. The only people who watch rugby league anymore are One Nation supporters. No one goes to rugby league games anymore. No kids play rugby league. Auskick is second only to football (soccer) in terms of participation sport. The AFL is booming all along the east coast. The WAFL is a massive success, bringing women to the game also. Rugby league is dead and the more cerebral and intelligent sports of Australian Rules and Football (soccer) have taken over. It’s no coincidence that the more cultured indigenous and mutlicultural based parts of the population are playing these sports and only the english lickspittle, racist throwbacks are interested in rugby league.
Your hatred of the AFL suggests you are an English loving, lickspittle, racist, Captain Cook statue lover who can’t accept the progressive, multicultural nature of east coast life (up to the QLD border at least).


What’s the story with Nic Nat?


How has Hanley played this year? Will he stick it out at the club? Ablett pushing on too I thought he’d be heading for retirement instead of going back to Geelong


Hanley should get away from there as quickly as possible. He’d find it hard to get a new home though, he’s pushing 29. @gman would probably know more - is the brother still at the Lions?
Ablett looks like he’s going back to Geelong for another year. He should never have left.


He might go home to Mayo to win an AI!


Now you’re just being ridiculous. He’d have more hope of winning something at Gold Coast than with Mayo.


More hope of winning an AI with GCS I’d say!


good point mate, one slight issue is that the AFL has a huge problem with racism while the NRL doesnt

Using AFL which is one of the most racist sports in the world as an example of being anti racist is weird mate

1927 – Doug Nicholls tried out to play for Carlton Football Club but was rejected because of his colour and his smell. Five years later Fitzroy Football Club enlisted his services.[1][2][14]
1960–1990 – Several indigenous players including Carlton’s Syd Jackson, North Melbourne’s Phil and Jim Krakouer and Footscray’s Michael McLean have stated that they were the target of racial slurs by opposition players and spectators[15][16] There is evidence that the Krakouer brothers were suspended for retaliating against racial abuse on the field.[14] West Coast Eagles players Chris Lewis and Troy Ugle during their career received hate mail and death threats and were provided with counselling.[14]
1993 – St Kilda indigenous player Nicky Winmar was racially vilified by the Collingwood supporters during an AFL game at Victoria Park, Melbourne. At the end of the game, Winmar lifted his shirt and pointed to his skin and declared “I’m black and I’m proud to be black”. This became an iconic image of racism in Australian sport.[17] Allan McAlister, Collingwood’s President commented that Winmar and his team mate Gilbert McAdam would be respected “as long as they conducted themselves like white people on and off the field”.[2][14]
1995 – Essendon player Michael Long accused Collingwood’s Damian Monkhorst of a racial taunt during the first Anzac Day match at Melbourne Cricket Ground. Long was not satisfied with the outcome of an AFL organised mediation session. However, this case led to the AFL introducing Rule 30: A Rule to Combat Racial and Religious Vilification on 30 June 1995.
1995 – Greg Williams, a Carlton player, unreservedly apologised to West Coast Eagles Chris Lewis for racially abusing him during a match at Subiaco Oval. Lewis accepted the apology.[18]
1997 – Collingwood’s Robbie Ahmat claimed he was racially vilified by Essendon’s Michael Prior. Prior claimed that Ahmat misheard him and he did not vilify Ahmat.[19][20][21]
1997 – Western Bulldogs player Todd Curley allegedly racially vilified Melbourne’s David Cockatoo-Collins. Curley was cleared of any offence.[22]
1999 – Peter Everitt, a St Kilda player racially abused Melbourne’s Scott Chisholm after kicking a goal in the Round 2 match at Waverley Park. Everritt donated $20,000 to a charity of Chisholm’s choice, undertook self-imposed four-match suspension including the loss of match payments and undertook a racial awareness training program. Everitt publicly apologised to Chisholm and his family and to the Aboriginal community.[23]
2011 – Justin Sherman, a Western Bulldogs player was banned for four games for racially vilifying an unnamed Gold Coast Suns player. Sherman was ordered to attend an education program and pay $5000 to a charity chosen by the Suns. He spent four weeks in the VFL while serving his AFL suspension.[23]
2011 – There were several reported incidents of spectator racial abuse. North Melbourne Football Club’s Majak Daw was racially abused by a spectator at a VFL game and Hawthorn Football Club’s Lance Franklin was also racially abused by a fan at an AFL match in Launceston.[23]
2012 – AFL’s national community engagement manager Jason Misfud claimed that Adelaide Football Club recruitment manager Matthew Rendell suggested that clubs may adopt a policy of only recruiting Aboriginal players with at least one white parent. Rendell resigned as a result of the controversy regarding his comments. He apologised for his comments but believed they were taken out of context.[24]

Adam Goodes, indigenous Sydney Swans player
2013 – Adam Goodes, a Sydney Swans player in a match against Collingwood Magpies at Melbourne Cricket Ground during the AFL’s Indigenous Round was called an ape by a 13-year-old Collingwood supporter. Upon hearing the abuse, Goodes pointed the girl out to security and she was ejected from the stadium.[25] Goodes stated he was gutted by the comments but stated that: “People need to get around her. She’s 13, she’s uneducated.” [25] Goodes subsequently was criticised by several commentators for pillaring a 13-year-old girl.[26]
2014 – a 70-year-old man received a penalty notice for offensive behaviour after allegedly making racists comments about Sydney Swans players Lance Franklin and Adam Goodes during a match against Western Bulldogs at Etihad Stadium. The man was reported to police by other spectators.[27]
2014 – Majak Daw, a North Melbourne Kangaroos player was racially abused in a match against Hawthorn at Aurora Stadium, Launceston. The male spectator was evicted from the ground.[28]
2014 – Nic Naitanui, a West Coast Eagles player was racially abused three times by the Vinh Phuc Nguyen on Twitter. Nguyen pleaded guilty to three counts of using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence. He was banned from contacting the Naitanui or other West Coast Eagles players and creating a Twitter account.[29][30]
2015 – Adam Goodes during matches played outside Sydney was constantly booed by spectators. It was suggested that Goodes was booed as a result of an incident in 2013 with a 13-year-old girl who called him an ape, comments made during his 2014 Australian of the Year award and the way he plays and stages for free kicks.[31][32] After the match between the Sydney Swans and the West Coast Eagles at Domain Stadium, Goodes stepped down from playing as he believed the sustained booing had racist overtones. Whilst there were several commentators arguing that the booing was not due to racism, the AFL community including clubs and players and political and community leaders stated that the booing had cease as it was racist.


OOOOFT. That’s an outstanding piece of work you’ve gone to there mate, I hope it didn’t take long. Indeed, our game has some serious issues with racism and is working hard to combat it. In particular because some of the greatest players in the AFL are indigenous people.
Of course rugby league has no issues with racism as it’s too busy dealing with the drug abuse, match fixing, sexual assault, rape and domestic violence issues.


NicNat is back fit again and training. However due to a WAFL rule of not letting players waltz into the second teams from the first teams for finals, he wasnt able to get any games in with East Perth as a warm up. He could go back playing now, but lookis like they will keep resting him. Although if they manage to beat Port, he will definitely come into the mix for selection I reckon.

Hanleys brother is still at Brisbane alright. He was overcoming a few major injuries, one he sustained playing minor for Mayo and the next when he got to Brisbane. Pearce had hsi own issues too this year as well as his younger brother dying from cancer, so it was far from a good year for him on the field. Realistically, he should have left Queensland when he had the opportunity and gone to Victoria or at least to a team who has some semblance of trying to play footy.