Australia here I come

see y’all in three weeks - ill be shooting back with hot buttered for the next while

so long suckers

Have a great trip mate.

Pass on my best wishes to the family as always.


= :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Ah, further proof. Work out when your over now will ya.

Have great trip bud.

Have a blast mate. :clap:

Safe travels mate…have a good one…

Enjoy mate, hope you have a good one!

thanks for all the kind wishes lads- really appreciate it :clap: :clap:


Let’s just hope you can log on now and again from an internet café or wherever.

The place will obviously be lost without you.

Lucky bastard.

See you at the jamboree. Check your texts.

good riddance

To bad rubbish! :clap:

im glad to report Dubai has more than met expectations- cracking weather- cracking resorts- the locals couldnt be nicer to me & my young family

singapore has a lot to live up tp to match this but hopefully ill get a chance to post from there

see y’all later

your friend


Enjoy buddy. Will you be back in time for Congress?

i recently found out fingals star player isnt a fingalian- ever since then ive given up on the gga

Can I have your hurl so?

Until we get our own maternity hospital I fear we’ll always be somewhat reliant on imports.

Hope your have a ball mate, drop in on these lads if ye get bored

My link*

My link

  • Rugby balls??

Great news and don’t forget to bring me back one of those hot buttered boards like we agreed…