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im Italian you dunce

Start lobbying for the same thing in Italy then ffs sake instead of wasting people’s time on here

i advocate , i do not lobby

Thinly veiled ‘i whinge online because it’s easier’


Sure pal, a five hour journey is cheap ok, or the middle of the night. Below is a one way

The green lobby are very well-to-do and dont want travel open to poor people


Thousands of families’ half term plans have been hit by cancellations as the IT glitch that halted British Airways’ flights caused chaos for a second day.

On Thursday, more than 90 flights from Heathrow were cancelled by the airline after an IT outage caused its website and booking system to crash for a number of hours. The cancellations, which affected around 16,000 passengers, also saw a number of flights delayed.

BA said its systems are now up and running but more flights would be cancelled on Friday as a knock on impact from the IT glitch. Aviation analytics firm Cirium reported that 83 flights had been cancelled already.

It comes as the UK is set to see the highest number of departures on Friday than since before the pandemic, with more than 3,000 flights set to leave UK airports today alone.

Sigh. This sums up the French duplicitous nature.

It only affects three routes. CDG is carved out.

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This seems to be a perennial event.


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I hope @Little_Lord_Fauntleroy has his carbon credits banked

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A woman is flying ei386 to Heathrow here :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Whatever did happen to Amelia Earhart?

This did not end how I was expecting


What’s she saying?
Second posting here…



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I understand why there wouldn’t be a whole pile of flights over Ukraine, but why is there a big no flight region over central China?

I would guess that’s the Gobi desert and they plot flight routes to go around it in case of the need for an emergency landing.

Edit: actually that looks more like the Himalayas.
They are probably too high and they skirt around them.

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I think it’s the Takla Makan Desert.
Never heard of it to be honest.