Back to School for asylum seeking children


No thank you,I’ve my own to support and I get or look for fu*k all

Fuck off out of this forum with that talk.

Every child deserves an education


This should be in the "feeling a bit sick’ forum

Why ? It’s the truth,I’ve raised mine with fuck all help even when things went belly up FFS get your head out of the clouds

what a vile attitude


So you think these children don’t deserve an education? Is that what you’re saying?

No FFS but surely the bloody government should be funding it

Not too worried TBH

Did you home school them?


My wife is involved with some of these groups mate, they do fantastic work, disappointing to read this attitude
This is our back room after a recent drive for clothes for newly arrived families to Limerick, some sad stories, good to see Irish hospitality alive and well


Ireland should be taking in more, it would be good for the economy and the country


You really are a despicable fucker. Go way & pay for a ride and chill out.

You were able to do it because you were born into a country that give you the opportunity to do so… Of course it was tough but the opportunities were there… These people are coming from backward war torn hovels where the most they could aspire to be was a goat herder or a child bride with their clit cut off…

Every child deserves an education… No child in Ireland is denied one except by the ineptness of their own parents.

I’ll come out to Bishopstown and dig the snot off you if you keep going.


Cork people don’t like outsiders


He is full of baby batter, he needs to release a valve asap.
Too much baby batter baddens the mind.

You looking to get served or something?you’ll get the cats cream all over your face on Sunday you tipp cunt.

Have you not filled that SNA vacancy yet?

You seem to know loads about sna, sorry for your troubles.