Bad ads on the radio


Yet another low grade musical based on a shit film from the 80s you’d forgotten about coming soon to the BGE theatre for a limited run only.


‘I’m Sean Caaaaaaaaaaaaavna and read my story, only in the Sunday Independent’


The ad for slot machine emporium Amusement City of Westmoreland St on Sunshine Radio.


The old lad playing golf who never appears to have heard of a sand wedge is a stinker

And wtf is the deal with the ad to watch out for unregistered locksmiths, mental stuff


The one about the Gaiety Panto.


its a Gaiety Panto


Harvey Norman is playedyto death black friday still on the radio


I now switch channel when I hear that cunting cunt drone on with her man voice about Toyota Hibrid range. Helping her children by driving a hybrid, fuck off! Then that other fucker who says “dats de price of a holladay” Sweet Jesus!!!


I silently scream in my head “make the little fuckers walk if you want to help the environment”.


There’s another one about an Audi “it’s aaaaaaawesome, just like you”. I want him to die in a fire.


I’d say the deep voiced wan is a fat cunt




The lad that sounds like he’s from Graiguecullen


Jack L?


That’s a Mercedes A class ad. McDermott I reckon.


Whatever it is mate, it really grinds my gears.



I fail to understand why the Supervalue radio and constantly refers to product prices as " per KG "
Can they not just go with " Kilo " given that we’re in this territory for many years.



Those fucking Ben Dunne gym ads, just FOAD.


Fuhtbool in-decksh!!!