Bad ads on the radio


@Fagan_ODowd sounded genuine… Didn’t your auntie like him?


Nah. Apparently he used to be a looker but he’s like an old toothless hag these days, by his own admission.


Top tracking @Juhniallio

If only TDB had you as campaign manager…


Twice today I’ve heard an ad on RTE 1 for Leinster v Munter rubby match on 6 October.


Why have they adds for an Irish Rugby game on Swan FM?




Poor auld Mary plugging Wiltshire Farm Foods there before Morning Ireland.


So there’s an ad on the radio from the RSA where they talk about the morning after drinking being a very dangerous time.

I’m pretty sure the quote in the ad to show how dangerous this time of day is goes like this:
“10% of fatal road traffic accidents happen in the 4 hour window between 7am and 11am”.

That’s cool and all but 10% of fatal accidents in a 4 hour window of a 24 hour day is really quite small. 4/24 = 1/6 so it should be on average 16.6%. That’s before you even think about discounting the hours where the vast majority of people are asleep, if you even want to.


Daddy Daddy get up we’re going to the park.

Come on you said we were going to the park.

Oh maybe not I’m Eh very tired.

Not againnn

Fuck off you little cunt.


I always think that the accents of the couple in that ad are middle class sounding, that the outcry of a northside Dubliner say would be too much.


Those fucking Three ads where your man’s voice starts wobbling and he nearly starts crying over sending a text asking a girl out.


He’s also the voice of the ‘Curly Pieces’ Ads…


Another shit and annoying ad


Bar stools, office chairs, shelving, white boards

The worst thing about that add is still have no idea who sells them.


That’s what O’Meara camping wants you to think.


A different guy. But from the Fingal riviera.


Do you supply vending machines to the voice over company or what?


There’s lads who refuse to say the words ‘terms and conditions apply’ unless they’re fully loaded with a snickers.


Some right Diva’s in the voice over business alright I’d say. What’s the wedge like for it?


It’s fairly good for ads I believe. A very few people hoover up a lot of the work is what I’m told.