Bad ads on the radio


Don’t play for Cork, go on strike.

Oops, wrong thread…


Maybe they’ll never forget where they left your stuff?



(penny dropping)

Still a stupid name


That one is ok, because it actually makes sense and crown is already a verb.



(penny dropping)

Still a stupid name[/quote]

I was reaching. I agree with you


These 2 are from Newstalk:

The word is whatever.

With world spreads I can gain from markets going up and down so when I see a fall in market prices I think “whatever”.

No you don’t you fucking cretin of a marketing team.
It’s so obvious they had no idea what this product is about.

If the markets go up and you want them to go down and you are spread betting on the outcome you don’t think “whatever” you think “Oh fuck, I could be in trouble here”.

There is an ad for some BMW place. They say BMW in the 30 second ad somewhere nearing once a second.


Bulmers Pear. Absolute gash.


There’s an ad on the radio that is advertising beds.

It starts off with them saying:
“this ad was designed to put you to sleep”

Is it yeah? Great, I’m just driving my car and you want to put me to sleep?
Can’t see a problem there. Wait a minute…


COTY 2009 Brendan O’Connor is “starring” in a particularly shit set of ads for Mace supermarkets at the moment. They really grind my gears.


Dont know if any of you have heard the Husk Varna add on Newstalk. They have some gardener with a lisp talking on it, its a bit like the time Del boy got the singer with the lisp to sing the green green grass of home.

A new add I heard last night for some golfing singles offering fourball fun on the fairways. :slight_smile:


Heard that one this morning, couldnt believe me ears. A swingers party if ever I heard one.


this thread was made for ads like that. :clap:

husssssqvvvvarna. dermot O neill isnt it? whoever that lispy cunt is.



I couldn’t believe it when I heard it last night and I think it was straight after the husk varna add. Was tempted to text into off the ball and them to explain what they mean by fourball fun on fairway, :smiley:


Sid that’s the wrong Dermot. This add has Deromt lispy O Neill. :slight_smile:


All those ‘Quinn Direct are not fucked. Honest’ ads.


Watch it through - he comes in at 1:15


the ad onnow for ‘goody goody yum pots’ from ambrosia creamed rice. an awful start with the name, but then they have some munter of a one doing the voice of a cow, and for some reason, this one thinks that if cows were able to talk, they’d have down syndrome accents. ‘a kid with a tail’. fook off you sack.




What’s a down syndrome accent?