Bad ads on the radio


Think South Kilkennyish





those Eircom ones with Jim are getting worse and worse. the cunt witht he skinny jeans, size zero was bad enough, but now they have ‘even Bob the blogger from Balbriggan, haaawww’. I presume they are supposed to be somewhat amusing, but I dont get it. and its well known that Jim is a cunt as well.


Hector and Tommy Tiernan

I wish you both a severe anal gouging


That Dunphy ad with the pizzas is shocking


I’m Mac and I’m glad I’m a vhi customer - fook off you cunts


shite, thats a telly ad but sure fuck it


I was meaning to bump that thread for that chubby cunt in the VHI ad


These new ads for Polo mints really wreck my head.


That out of tune ‘wardbrobe elegance’ ad does my bulb in


‘where’s the champion butter hey?’

fuck off


everytime I hear yer man ‘Sean’ I think of Tipperary for some reason.


Gay Byrne’s ad for the Newbridge Museum of Style Icons. Gay virtually wetting himself at the prospect of standing in the same room as one of Lady Di’s frocks


where’s the champion butter haigh


A proper cunt of an add alright.


New enough to this site myself ,I have to say I love the freedom and abandon that the word “cunt” is used with. Its kinda liberating.


“Sandyford East!!!” :angry:


I had to bring this thread back from the dead. I hate those fucking ads on the radio that come out every christmas to buy some goat or elephant or something and it gets sent to some family in Africa. I am sure my other half will love that christmas day, here you go love there’s a card to say that I bought you a goat but that goat actually lives in some shit hole in Africa, happy christmas, I doubt I would be getting any for a few weeks after that.

Does anyone do this or is this just appealing to the crusties?


taxi man ads… donnycarney etc…pure shite


Is there a good ads on the radion thread…Can’t find it if there is…

But credit must go to Torpey Hurleys for their magnificent ad on Clare fm today


To-tewooo-twow-twoo-twoo-twooow 1890 To-tewooo-twow-twoo-twoo-twooow :angry: