Ban garda fatties

Don’t know about the rest of the free state but in my part what I’ve noticed is the majority of policewomen are obese or v nearly there,
Is it a gender balancing effort or what?
Came across 2 little banbhs in my local shopping centre last week, who were to put it bluntly fat little fuckers who’s have problems tying their laces not a mind running after criminals,
I mean ffs are there any fitness standards in AGS?



Ban this Mong.



Can you drop this cunt an email and sort him out pls.

@bill has opened the door and all the creeps are marching through it.

The last few female Gardai I encountered were rides too

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The door has closed for @bill until 2022.


Gardai are very fat.

Fat and stupid.

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He was crying to me earlier. Thinks @EstebanSexface stitched him up.

Seen a good few crackers lately too.

My initial thought straight away is they’re the last you’d want to be trying to reason with if you were in a bit of hassle. More of a hunch than any evidence to back it up.

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one nice :latvia: or :lithuania: one here in Carrigaline, cold as fuck though, Brian Cody cold

Must be imports

As in they’d ate ya

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Ban @Corksfinedtboy

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You’re mad for the banhammer so you are.


I dont think we really need this thread…

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Perhaps we can ban fatties altogether? Herd them all together & send in a COVID Superspreader?

@carryharry clearly a fattie.

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You cheeky body ponging cunt.

This is one of the weirdest threads ever on here, and that is saying something


He has to go.