I did that. It’s still the same being honest.

That tassotti chap is doing it on the coffee thread now with the mick the muldoon this and the oirish that. Atrocious banter


I know, they just cant be bothered to post because it’s pointless


@KinvarasPassion always does a digital detox in January, its a little tradition of his


I fear the forum could split similar to the PDC and the BDO


If everyone ignored the stale banter it would disappear.



I pressed the reset button there and nothing happened.


you’d have hardly anything to reply to.


You just don’t get it - do you?






One week. Reinvigorated, regenerated, reinvented, cliché cliché etc.


Well that’s the problem right there.


think @bandage or @rocko have to connect it up.


Would you explain it to me?


the place would be a lot better if everyone agreed with each other and liked each others posts.


Bring back tags.


That’s a lovely sentiment


@Bandage, could you publish the IP address of every poster at the bottom of each post, AFR did it years ago and it was a great success