Banjogeddon: 2022 Munster SHC Final - Limerick V Clare - June 5th 16.00

The round robin is done.

Let the build up commence…

Fuck Tipp


Limerick by 10, Clare will do well to keep it competitive.

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The day out and the bag of chips sure


Sure we are only delighted to be sharing a pitch with them and being a footnote on their march to the cusp of greatness.

Clare had their Munster Final last Sunday. Now the serious stuff starts

4-1 on Clare is buying money

Free money :heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign:

Clare should be 20/1

I hope the lads enjoy the match behind the band - hopefully the Moycarkey Boris aswell and not the Artane.

Will we stop in Kilaloe for one?

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Would ya stop, we only scraped past Waterford Clare ate them alive

Clare topped the group unbeaten. They’ve the best player in the country in Kelly… Limerick missing Lynch and Casey. We’ve it all to do.

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You would feel sorry for the locals in Kilkee, they will easily be outnumbered 5 to 1 by Limerick fans in their own pubs. Huge advantage to Limerick playing in on the June Bank Holiday weekend


Two weeks of Limerick / Clare posters trying to force each other in front and up high as they try to execute the online equivalent of a track stand.

They’ll be paranoid wrecks by June 4th.


Sad to see a once hallowed event like a Munster Final reduced to a training game.

Oh I forgot to tell you something yesterday mate… NEVER.

There’s no shame in running your best race and ultimately being beaten by a better opponent.

Coach Klopp has made us dream again.

The Munster final deserves better.

Should it even be played?

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It will be good experience for the future for this Clare side. We never see a team as good as this Limerick side again

A Munster title would make it a successful year for Clare and an indication that they are on the march to bigger things. They’ll be going for it. Limerick have their eye on September. Sorry - August. Sorry - July.

The @PoorClares are giddy.