Bank Holiday Betting

well a feast of Gaa action and some big Airtricity action too…

all paddy powers odds…

Tyrone (-1) 8/13 to beat dublin
Cork (-6) 1/2 to beat rosscomon
kildare (+1) 2/3to beat meath

bohs evs. to beat pats
sporting fingal 6/4 to beat rovers
drogs to beat bray 7/10
UCD to beat galway 5/6

Cheers for providing this service of quoting PP prices :rolleyes:

Agreed. Don’t see the point in it.

Have you any actual recommendations Scumpot or are you working for Powers? What is your modus operandi?

They are his reccomendations you tools.

Or is KIB Mong looking for everything spelt out for him again?

Disappointed in the Dunph I must say

+1 but he has let me down before

Are Cork -6 really 1/2?

That seems crazy short.

I read a very good article earlier in the week from the Roscommon Herald, and I am fully convinced Roscommon will beat Cork.


+1/2 I think they’ll run em closer than 6. They’ll freak then though. Cork are shit

All i’m saying is - couldn’t he shop around. That’s all i’m saying. Powers aren’t the only girl at the dance…

Easy know you haven’t a fuckin clue what you’re on about if that’s what you have to resort to.

Puttin on an accumulator has to be all with the one firm surely?
this is probably who he has his account with and anyway with an accumulator differences in price will surely even themselves out.
Don’t what the fuck yere on about to be honest.

Like the look of the first one, although think Tyrone will ease past the Dubs. Would be taking them -3 at evens think it’s the bet of the weekend.

I wasn’t aware it was an accum, he doesn’t say it is. I presumed they were all singles. Who does accums anymore?

you dont do originality well do you? some riposte :rolleyes:

what has crawled up your ass lately anyway?

tyrone to beat the spread v dublin is a max bet for me

will also have down to finish within the spead of kerry and a bet on them to win the game.

cork to beat the handicap v roscommon will also carry 50 of my hardearned

must also have a punt on tyrone 10/3 to win all ireland and waterford at 12/1

What are the various spreads KIB?

:smiley: FFS why dont you do something useful for a change and put a link to oddschecker on the site

and go fish you lazy bastard

You were quick enough to have a go at the first post here for not giving anything other than odds of selections they were going for. You haven’t even done that. If you’re not arsed then fair enough but keep your mouth shut next time you want to make a point on betting posts maybe.

I think its very significant that two of my favourite posters, Runt & Rocko, really seem to despise KIB, its funny.

I kinda just think he’s a silly young fella.

The Rossies are -9 on Paddy Powers I’ll be having that