Banter or Racism


Banter for me.


Careful bro, there’s a few screaming mullallys on here who are very touchy when it comes to any perceived racist remarks. Why only yesterday I had a completely inoffensive post flagged for inappropriate language. I just don’t know what the world is coming to anymore.

FWIW, it seems like banter to me.


Has she been arrested four times?


Not that she’s telling us of.


Bizarre bit of banter then?


These incidents are never black or white.


It’s banter. Like making a joke about a Mick having a DUI or something


It’s a pretty obscure reference if it was meant to be racist ?


It’s 100% racist and the manager should be sacked.


Put it this way. Would ypu call someone a holocaust denier at a work meeting?

I’m not saying it was pr wasn’t banter but some of the stuff that passes for banter around here ( and it includes us all without exception ) would get you at a minimum a nice coffer morning with the HR department

To me he crossed the line

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This black woman should be made aware that White people get arrested too.
Bizarre situate. The woman is clearly a dirty opportunist, equal in my eyes to the scumbag who sees a crack in a footpath and throws themselves to the ground.

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It looks to me like he said something in 2015 , she didn’t make the team in 2016 , complained then and got a wad thereafter .

Am I missing something ?


The article is a bit all over the shop.
Still don’t think he should have said it though.
Whether it warrants a pay out is a different debate.


Imagine if everyone started to take dressing room talk seriously.


In this particular instance, the dressing room happens to be part of the workplace which makes it the same as any other work environment


[quote]Aluko, who is also a lawyer

"During a meeting, at which I was not present, MS [Sampson] used an analogy about pressing hard in midfield and getting a caution like a police caution.

“MS then addressed the player individually and said in relation to being cautioned by police: ‘Haven’t you been arrested before? Four times isn’t it?’”

Aluko’s evidence continued: "This comment about the player was made with derogatory, racial and prejudicial connotations.

"It was also a defamatory, untrue statement given that the player has never been arrested and MS’s comment indicates an assumption (subconscious or conscious) that being mixed race from London suggests a criminal record with the police.

"Although I was not present at the meeting, other players confirmed MS made this comment and that it was not received as a joke and created an awkward atmosphere in the room.[/quote]

she wasnt even there when he said it. how does she know the full context of it? If call @ChocolateMice a dirty thieving scumbag, am I racist because he is black or am I xenophobic because he is from Moyross?


The latter


You’d be a xenoracist


Yea I can’t understand it because it says he " addressed the player directly " and then it says she wasn’t there.