Banter or Racism

Aluko,who is also a lawyer responded in a statement to confirm that she “raised a grievance against the FA as a result of treatment that I and others previously suffered”.

In her original evidence submitted to the FA, Aluko said: "During a meeting, at which I was not present,

She can’t be that great a lawyer if she doesn’t comprehend hearsay.

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What did she mean then Art when she said " he addressed her directly "?

The comment was made to a different black player. Aluko is claiming it demonstrates a generally racist attitude, so therefore also discriminatory towards her.

The elleged victim, not her and

"The FA commissioned an independent investigation conducted by a barrister, Katharine Newton, who is an expert on employment and discrimination law.

"The detailed independent investigation report did not uphold any of Eniola Aluko’s complaints and found no wrong-doing on behalf of The FA or others

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He’s an idiot for saying it because he’s the manager and it’s shit banter anyway. I don’t think it’s racist in the slightest.


Thanks for that

Yea actually you’ve kind of summed it up there. He crossed the line and left himself wide open.

WTF :grinning:

That’s pretty much it. I’d say there’s a weird mix of
(a) Part of him that fancied some of the ladies and wanted his go off one or two of them; and
(b) a fella who was brought up in the shit ‘lads’ culture of rugby who has no idea of what can be construed as offensive.

She got 80k out of it so it was a good days work . Also she will coin it now.

This Mark Sampson cunt should be ostracised from football like Ron Atkinson was.

Really? I’m presuming you’re wumming here.

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Stop and search is a massive bone of contention for the black community in England. The England manager is an ignorant cunt for thinking this could be used as dressing room banter, he’s not fit for the job.

id fucking love it if i was black


I think the thinly veiled implication from the FA investigation is that there’s nothing to support him even saying it.

Poor banter… As a solicitor he was playing up that she was arrested as opposed to defending crims which is her every day job- poor enough but very tame shit.

Seriously? Ah here. She can fuck right off, I thought he said it to her.


I think there’s a world of difference here. Yes he is a thick ignorant cunt but I don’t think it’s racist. We’d make arrested jokes about @ChocolateMice cos he’s from NewRoss or anyone from Liverpool.
What big Ron said was completely different.

Newross? :confounded:

I knew you’d come runnin…