Barcelona in Trouble

a strange admission from a man utd diehard?

Right, off and support your south side team while you have pot shots at lads for following a team in a different country.

At least have the gumption to admit that you decided to support a team that isn’t local to you at all.

This is the golden age of hurling.


Fuck Shels

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Any word on Barcelona?

Yep. There’s 2 lads from the arse end of spain ruining the Shamrock Rovers in trouble thread on the Tiro Libre website cos they keep arguing endlessly about why one lad supports Barca if he’s from a yard outside Catalunya.


@kilmacudcrokes @tallback

Rules are rules.

Grand so. Give the cup to Glen as per the rules. A replay is a cod.

Crokes can put in a motion to congress next year to have the rule amended perhaps, but as of now, it is what it is.

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A motion for 17 players?


Professional sport you see

That’s the womens team

As a degenerate gambler, I was aware of this.

You’d get a good knowledge of leagues in Israel, Kenya and Burkina Faso if you follow the Officeman.

Cc @Chucks_Nwoko


Messi shouldn’t be able to sleep at night for what he done to this beautiful football club.

The :goat: sleeps just fine.


Pity the club that gave him everything is close to bankruptcy thanks to his greed

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Fuck Barca.

It was never a beautiful club .

Barcelona is a cesspit they’ve a long line of screwing players over

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