Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers, Star Wars & Star Trek - Earth calling Orson

Watching Deep Space Nine right now, just finished S1. Pretty forgettable story wise but I did enjoy the last two episodes. Great cast with great characters. Didn’t realise Baltar from BSG was in this, great actor.

One thing Star Trek does very well is the “alien” species all being distinct from one another in terms of culture and ideology - the Cardassian characters are pretty great for example, even if they are basically just fascists.

Season 3 onwards is phenomonal. Its when Ronald D Moore of the Battlestar Galactica reboot came on board.

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I took this in the Smithsonian America history museum in D.C. a couple of weeks back. The original costumes.

The museum was fairly rubbish. Not a patch on the aviation museum.


Sabine and Thrawn? They better not fuck this up.

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Happy Star Wars Day to all who celebrate. May the 4th be with you!

Looking forward to the new Volume of Visions, especially the Cartoon Saloon one

Revenge Of The Sith Power GIF by Star Wars

Getting rave reviews this episode.

Jesus cork would claim anything

Just watched a cracker of a DS9 episode called the “Rocks and Shoals” - anything with the Vorta and Jem’Hadar is great really.

Great debate here between Weyoun and Garak regarding the nature of victory. Two complete lunatics but great characters.

Garak was a great character. The lad who played him, sndrew robinson, got typecast after playing the scorpio killer in dirty harry. Garak gave him a chance to display his acting chops

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It was actually Dukat in that scene, although Garak was also a great character. DS9 had about a dozen great characters and almost no uninteresting ones (Jax was a bit shit) which carried the show as the plot was very thin for the 7 seasons and only gets going on s6.

Ultimately great characters drive great shows.

Dunno if anyone here games, but there is a new Star Trek “story” game for all platforms which is very decent.

Some time to be a sci-fi tv video game fan.