BBQs and barbecuing - I love ribeye more than I love my kids

A thread to post about barbecuing.

But first, I want to a buy a barbecue. I was in a shop yesterday and there was a kettle BBQ for 29 and a branded one beside it for 119 and I can not see any difference between them. I was so confused I left the shop without buying either of them. What’s the story here? How much should I spend on a charcoal BBQ? What should I be looking for to get?

Charcoal- I’d get a disposal one or knock one together and buy a good grate.
Permanent- Gas. 200 quid or so

back home where we are world leaders in barbecuing i would say 99.9% of people do not have charcoal BBQs

convenience & the ability to use it regularly trumps the carcinogenic taste of charcoal





Charcoal is obviously the purists choice but as has been pointed out you’re likely to get far more use from a gas bbq - you could use it handy each night coming in from work etc

A lot of the flavour comes from the fats of the meat etc dropping on to the heat and smoking up in addition the high temperatures so I think the difference between charcoal and gas is overstated. In addition, getting good temperature control on a charcoal is far harder - so more likely to have over-cooked or under-cooked grub

I have a gas bbq, one of the first things I bought when we moved into the house recently. At some stage in the future I’d love to get a charcoal smoker type bbq too for slow cook bbq


As an aside, when I was buying a BBQ in the last couple of weeks I was surprised at the lack of choice in Woodies, B&Q etc. Apparently there’s been huge demand for them this year combined with less output from factories. The lady in Woodies said they’d normally have BBQ offers this stage of the summer but a lot less this year

Any serious barbecuer has a Weber and that’s it.


There is some heat off the big Weber’s

You mean a grill

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Sure. Point still stands - charcoal can be great but is a lot of hassle for regular use or quick use or for small amounts of food and the taste benefits are often overstated imo.


I’d love to get something like this lad (Weber Smokey Mountain) for low n slow cooking of brisket, pork butt etc. The type of job you put on in the morning and is ready that evening


What’s the difference between the Weber and the one for 30 quid beside it that looks the same?

A big green egg is very much on my wishlist

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Yeah - some price though!

This guy fucks :clap:

The grill is coated, won’t rust and can be washed in 20 seconds. You can buy one for €30 but you’ll be buying another one the following year. You also need an accurate temperature stat if you want to cook roasts etc.

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A friend bought a hybrid one in Lidl a while back and it seems grand .

I like the ceremony of the charcoal, the gas is handy out but when you’re using it 7 or 8 times a year I’ll go for the best results rather than handiness

Another thread for lads to talk about decimating the planet - great.