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God bless the dent in my arm


Thank you Dr Noël Browne, you have saved us from your grave


Good news for employees at Merck anyways

One of the all time great Irish men

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By God.

I remember to this day the terror of getting the bcg. The lads in the year above were giving it loads about a giant needle and the pain. We were sobbing with fear going in for it. And then it wasn’t too bad.

Panic over.

Germany dont get BCG and they’re doing better than ireland.

They’re using zyklon b, not BCG

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You absolute mug. They are using zkylon b



Do you know what zyklon b is?



Well said. I understood it when @artfoley posted it but having you post the exact same thing really cemented it for me.

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I’ve done a deep dive on a separate thread


Open the pubs

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There are significantly less cases of Corona Virus in East Germany where they ran a much more comprehensive BCG vaccination program pre reunification*

*According to some fella who had an article on the internet on a site I’d never heard of before

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Gas crack altogether

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A study indicating that the BCG vaccine for tuberculosis could help to protect against Covid-19 is “a potential game-changer” in global efforts to curb the pandemic, according to a leading immunologist.

The research indicating that countries whose populations have high levels of BCG vaccination had significantly fewer Covid-19 deaths was the most significant development since the virus has spread, said Prof Luke O’Neill, who has specialised in study of the vaccine at Trinity College Dublin.

While he stressed the research was largely a statistical one and so came with caveats, there was a case for authorities moving to provide a BCG vaccine top-up for everybody age over 70. “This is feasible and should be considered. It doesn’t mean we change behaviour, such as physical distancing and washing your hands,” he said.

However, children currently aged five and under in Ireland will not have the vaccine. BCG vaccine is given to protect babies against TB but Ireland has had no BCG vaccine since May 2015 and no children have been vaccinated since then, the HSE confirmed. This coincided with a vaccine shortage in Europe – stocks have become available in recent months.

In February of this year the National Immunisation Advisory Committee, and the Health Information and Quality Authority recommended to the Department of Health that BCG vaccine “does not now need to be given routinely to all children”.

Most of the Irish population would still have some immunity against Covid-19, if the connection is proven, Prof O’Neill said.

The preliminary study suggests countries that require citizens to get the BCG vaccine are showing fewer number of confirmed cases and deaths from Covid-19.

Dr Gonzalo Otazu of New York Institute of Technology started working on the analysis after noticing the low number of cases in Japan. His findings have been posted on medRxiv, a site for unpublished medical research.

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