BDO Daily Mirror World Trophy

Ted Hankey has been sensationally beaten in the qualifiers at Blackpool by Ian Watkins after a sudden-death shoot out. Amazing strength in depth in the BDO. Incredible scenes at the tower. Sad to see Ted go before the television stages but wonderful to have him back all the same.

I need a Hankey to wipe away the tears at that news.

But excellent darts from the man who shares a name with H from Steps and the notorious paedophile former LostProphets singer,

I hope Ted will realise that this is not a Tragedy and we’ll see him back in good form at the Czech Open.

More bad news coming through from Blackpool. Former Lakeside hero and Wexford sporting icon Jason Cullen has bowed out at the same stage as Ted. Had he won that latest match, he would have progressed to play Jimmy Hendricks for a place in the main draw. We all remember Jimmy dumping Wolfie out in the first round at the Lakeside in 2013 of course but Jason sadly won’t get to sample the Jimmy Hendricks experience.

They say that bad news comes in threes. Well news has just reached me that this year’s Lakeside legend Michael Meaney was sent packing earlier today too. :frowning:

Bad news for Irish darts there indeed, but real darts fans appreciate good darts from players representing any country and the TV stages of the competition still promise to be something very special.

Did I hear right that Andy Fordham is featuring in this? That can only be good for darts.

Great to have top class darts back on our screens tonight.

Jim Widmayer has made a good start here against Tony O’Shea.

The Widowmaker slays O’Shea!

Nerveless two dart finish from the New Yorker on 84 to win it 6-4.

The big one coming up now.

Acting World Champion “Chuck” Norris against the legendary Andy Fordham.

The Viking back to his familiar fighting weight.

At this point I should inform real darts fans that Scotty Waites is out!

The 2013 World Champion was sensationally beaten 6-5 by Jim Williams earlier.

A tournament of shocks so far.

Holy fucking shit:eek:

I just stumbled across this channel hopping during the ads in the Premier League, only to see that repulsive slab of vileness Andy Fordham.

Is there a more disgusting person in the entire world?

What channel is this on lads?

I just stumbled across some pdc darts on Sky there while channel hopping during the ads, and the difference in the treble and double sizes is obvious when you flick between the two.

Europe’s premier sports network, Eurosport.

Chuck completes a 6-2 victory to send the Viking to Valhalla.

Great to see Andy Fordham back on the big stage. :clap:

Andy was rusty but there were more than a few signs of the old flashes of genius there.

Great scenes at the Blackpool Tower Ballroom as Rachel Brooks walks on to Katy Perry’s current hit song “Roar”.

But Sharon Prins tops that by walking on to Steppenwolf’s classic, “Born To Be Wild”!

What an atmosphere.

Real people, real darts.

Sharon clinches a 4-3 victory.

Brooks almost completed a comeback special in front of a knowledgeable and appreciative, sold-out audience, but it wasn’t quite to be.

Newly crowned Dutch Open champion Ross Montgomery beats Mike Day 6-1.