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We’re three hours into a marathon ten hour live television broadcast of the BDO World Trophy from Lakeside on the excellent “Dave” channel.

So far we’ve seen wins for Glen Durrant over Andy Fordham (6-2) in a true clash of the titans, Darryl Fitton over Craig Caldwell (6-4) in a match full of brilliant darts and brilliant camaraderie, Brian “Doggy” Dawson over Jim “the Widowmaker” Widmayer (6-3), and FOTF Aileen De Graaf who beat Laura Turner 4-2 in the Ladies competition.

I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing on a beautiful early summer’s day than staying in to drink alone and watch BDO darts for ten hours in a row.



Glen Durrant is the 2016 England Master after beating Ross “The Boss” Montgomery 6-3 in the final.

Deta Hedman took the Ladies’ title with a 5-1 win over Anastasia Dobromyslova.

Former snooker player Dean Reynolds hit a nine darter against Duzza in their quarter-final match on Friday.

Congratulations to all involved on a splendid few days of darts.

Entries for the British Open and Winmau BDO Classic have now CLOSED.


The beating heart of darts .


@Sidney, some big names in action at the Lakeside today in qualifying for the upcoming world championships. Ted Hankey has progressed unscathed so far but has another few rounds to negotiate. Have you been following matters?


No, mate, I’m having a tough enough job just staying awake after reading @labane1917’s boring posts.

Any chance of Irish representation at the big dance? Please keep us posted.


Not sure, I’ll have a look and get back to you.

The likes of John “Boy” Walton and Chris Mason have been defeated.

Ted was engaged in verbals with his own gang of pals there but things appear to have settled down.

The Viking also remains in the shake up.


Ted is out. :anguished:

Fuck you, 2016, fuck you.

I think Kilkenny’s Michael Meaney is still in it. He was as of about 50 minutes ago anyway.

Looks like it’s going to be a long night at Lakeside.


Meaney is out. Steve Lennon flying the flag still.


Glen “Duzza” Durrant is the 2016 Winmau World Master after beating Mark “Geezer” McGeeney in the final.

A thoroughly brilliant weekend of darts at Lakeside.


I had a quick look at the BDO world draw and one match in particular caught the eye.

Jimmy Hendricks vs David Cameron :smile:


Duzza in a match here v young Nick Kenny.


Very good standard in that last game there. If Kenny got a better draw he could have went far


Trina Gulliver took 17 darts to take out 25.

That’s not very good


Did you count them? They seem to have done away with the number of darts used which BBC used.


167 out shot by Duzza to start the tournament earlier. :clap:


Really hope he wins it this year. Top bloke and great player.


Commentator mentioned it.


This is on now


A brilliant 144 outshot from Richie veenstra to take the first set against Ross Montgomery