Belfast Town

Heading up with herself on Thursday for a few day’s break, anyone with advice on decent pubs, grub etc?

There is a rum bar called the Spaniard opposite the Merchant Hotel which is a great spot.

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5 shots for £5 in the Eg, then across to the Bot for a bitta rippin’ and tearin’.

Be careful, the last fella who asked for advice about bringing his bird away for the weekend ended up getting the road after it.


The Bot on a student night is a thing of beauty

Kelly’s Cellars is the best pub in Belfast

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Not hugely familiar with Belfast but I also enjoyed Kelly’s Cellar and there’s one of those Mourne Seafood Restaurants beside it. The Cathedral Quarter a couple of minutes walk away seems to be decent for restaurants and bars generally.

I guess that Titanic Museum place might be okay for a few hours but I thought it was a bit boring myself. You might enjoy a black taxi tour of the main republican and loyalist areas and the associated murals etc. Maybe guess which side the driver’s on as invariably tries to be very neutral when driving you around.

Go for a few pints on The Falls or go for a look out at Stormont or head out for a stroll around by Queen’s maybe.

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I’ve eaten in Ox and it was very nice.

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Hard to beat the pub across from the Europa.
The Crown???
I had 17 (17) pints of porter in there on my stag do. I remember little of the evening, but it was lovely first thing in the morning.


What possessed you to go to Belfast on your stag?

Dunno. Twas grand though.

the felons club or the Celtic bar on the falls


I’m a big fan of McCrackens. Kelly’s Cellar and McHughs are also favourites of mine.


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From the europa?

Sorry for your trouble pal.