Belfast Town

I find it a little lacking in real flavor and flaky. Still hard beat really good whiting . People tend to gloss over it as it is relatively cheap .

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Good, poignant read

That’s a cracker.

Sea bass is up there

@Halfpipe @TheBlackSpot @glenshane where should I park for Corrigan Park?

I’ll take this.

Open up Google Maps there. Pull in anywhere on the Whiterock Road and stroll up/down to the pitch. Maybe park nearer the Falls Road end if you can.

Cheers pal. Did you pay a visit to Milltown Cemetery when you were up there?

This man knows. On the big days they open up parking at a college on Falls Road and then walk through the cemetery to the game but I can’t see a man organised enough to be making enquiries on a Monday morning needing to complicate matters in that way, it’s also a long enough walk. Enjoy your visit @Fagan_ODowd

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No, pal. It was more than a Stone’s throw away from the pitch.


Not a clue. I don’t know that area but park somewhere visible and don’t leave your laptop or man bag in the car.

Did you take @Bandage’s advice this time? Touch and go as to whether I can get up there tomorrow but hoping to. Trying to figure out parking before I head up.

I parked on the road outside Corrigan Park, Whiterock Road, the last time I was up. Car pointing North towards Turf Lodge. No problems. Got up early and went around Milltown cemetery which was very interesting.