Best city on the island of ireland


Poll to follow :D:D


This poll is a Sham.....LondonDerry is in Great Britain when last I checked.




Only two of those places are cities.


Best Irish City the poll says confused






Please refer to the thread title


Dublin is the only city.
The rest are just large villages.
I know this becuase when I meet people in Cork/Limerick etc I just get told that "I'll see you in town".
In Dublin you need to be more specific.
They could be in Coppers or they could be in Flannerys.
Yours etc,


Waterford....pikeman lock this thread....


Its a shambles.

Please don't waste our time in future with contradicting thread titles/poll titles.

That is all - You may proceed now.


Thanks TT


I voted for Limerick cause I don't know any better.


I would if I could remember Dunph's log in. :mad:


Since when was Waterford a city?


Since its population exceeded the required number Butty


Or Kilkenny


Yes but if this population are still crawling out of the sewers I'm not sure we should count them.


Poll update: strong anti Northern bias so far


Galway gave Paddy Casey somewhere to survive, it should be cast off into the atlantic.