Best city on the island of ireland


Cant wait to see Kev's reaction to this one. :popcorn:



Would you believe, I hadn't even noticed


Dublin spawned Bono...


Meh, Bono and U2 gave us some decent tracks before disappearing up their arses. Dublin also kicked Paddy Casey out.


Dublin spawned Geldof...


Yes but we're talking humans here. Not bogmonsters.


Another one it cast aside.*

  • I am in no way standing up for Dublin here, just wishing to cast scorn on Galway for allowing that gypsy cunt to surive on its streets.


Galway also gave a home to Steve Earle. Dublin gives a home to Ryan Tubridy.


Dublin spawned Paddy Casey


And cast him out. Ye took the little cunt in. Shame, for shame.


Dublin is a cesspit, it's nobody elses fault if the poison spreads


I'd like to again point out, and I don't think I can make this any clearer, I am not standing up for Dublin, merely castigating Galway for being the crusty cunting sort of place that takes in the sort of crusty cunts that seem to fester within its walls.


There was a thread to this effect a while back........


Galway is one of my favourite places in Ireland for the very reason that it is not as much of a 'city' as Dublin is.

So to refer to Galway as my favourite 'city' would be incorrect.


No it wouldn't. Galway is most people's favourite city because it's not so much of a 'shithole' as Dublin.


Youu've got a hard on for Dublin, we get it.


No, eh, I don't think you do, but thats ok.


Molly Malone was a dirty brasser with crabs.


By International standards Dublin is a village.


Four horse race at the minute.
Cork polling very poorly for a place in the top 5 cities in the world. Shocking, its like these things count for nothing with ye.