Best city on the island of ireland


That was pretty good.

Irish soundtrack to it too


I’m not sufficiently well informed as to your personal situation to make such a recommendation. As such, I would encourage a course of action congruent with your own personal preferences and independent of exogenous pressures.




:clap: :clap: :clap:


Look Galway isn’t a city. Please stop being so foolish.


you need to remember that you are dealing with a shower of imbeciles…



I miss Cian. Tipper would you go off there and log in as Cian, just for old times sake, eh butty, eh?




Its a three horse race at the minute


Limerick kiiiiddddd! southhill massive…


Belfast hands down. A proper city being propelled forward by sensible planning.


Enjoy Belfast before Brexit blows it back to bits


A lot of Bs in that sentence


It’s a B-list city.


Brilliant bro


There is no real city in oireland .


It’ll be Waterford after they allow the Arabs build it all up


The Hong Kong of Europe. In the EU and outside the EU. The possibilities are endless.


1: Dublin
2: Kilkenny
3: Galway
4: Derry
5: Belfast

The top 5 picks itself.


How would you rank the other six?