Best hurler not to win an all star 2000 to 2010

A list of player who never won an all star, all would have been in their peak in this decade. One per county, which one was the most deserving of one.

Some were solid players on good teams, others were excellent players on average teams and others where inconsistent if extremely talented players on excellent teams.

Tom Kenny or Quinn for me, both were very dominant hurlers in their pomp. Could never understand how Jerry O’Connor used to get all the accolades when Kenny was the better hurler. Quinn was an excellent defender who was able to shut down some of the best forwards of the time be it corner back, wing back or centre back. Had a fine trampish streak too. His form/attitude let him down at the end but he was outstanding under Daly and one of the few Clare backs who could be relied on to get the better of his opponent.

  • James McGarry - Kilkenny
  • Gerry Quinn - Clare
  • John O’Brien - Tipperary
  • Seamus Prendergast - Waterford
  • Brian Carroll - Offaly
  • Tom Kenny - Cork
  • Declan Ruth - Wexford
  • Damien Reale - Limerick
  • Shane Kavanagh - Galway

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Reale or Tom kenny . I am going for reale as can’t overcome bias

Tom Kenny - he was majestic - such a classy hurler. I was seeing a different Cark wan back in the mid 00s and saw a lot of Cork games. He was arguably Cork’s best player in that period - but deffo stood out as the star of other’s began to fade around 07/08… He’s only 38 too - surely still better than muck like Fitzgibbon playing today


Didnt Kenny hit one of the KK lads in the nuts with a hurl? That should disqualify him

He stayed trooping away for Cork but his star also waned in the end. He was still there in 2013 but nowhere near the player he was 7 or 8 years previous.

He got an awful stupid sending off in the 2008 All Ireland semi against Kilkenny and was never really the same player after that.

McGarry was nominated 7 times , his crime being solid on a ridiculously good side. His card was marked fairly live though after a Softish goal at the end of 2006 final.

My objective side votes for Tom Kenny.

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Shane Kavanagh wins this hands down. He’s only flaw was that he’s was too nice of a fella. A bit of tinker in him and he’d have been unreal. His brother Johnny made up for him in that regard.

Reale and Kenny streets ahead of the rest in the field

I was very surprised to learn that Kenny had never won an All Star when putting this poll together. All the more galling that Jerry O’Connor got a HOTY award and he not even half the hurler his brother was. How Ben or John Gardiner didn’t win it in 2’05 is an abomination

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Tom Kenny for me.

I recall the brilliant goal he scored against us in Cork’s very, very narrow All Ireland semi final victory against us in 2004. Ran half the length of the field and his shot, if I recall correctly, went through an approaching defender’s legs, and rose into the top corner past Fitzhenry.

Declan Ruth had many fine games for Wexford at half or centre back. Many in losing efforts against Kilkenny actually. He was repositioned to full back one year and it didn’t go well. Think he was taken off before half time in a mauling against Kilkenny and was pictured pulling on the walls of the tunnel entrance as he made his way into the dressing room.

Speaking of the 2013 final. I’d say pat Horgans point to put cork ahead in the drawn game was the greatest point of all time to be totally forgotten about.

I can’t believe he never won an All Star.

I felt that Ruth was more deserving of the nod that Gizzy Lyng as he played on better sides and stood out. David DOC O’Connor also unlucky not to make the cut

The best hurler not to win an star for me was Keith rossiter. I enjoyed watching him play.

Donal o Grady limerick was another player who was very good but didn’t win an all star.

Kenny for me. Can’t believe he didn’t get an All Star. McGarry next on the list. He was unlucky to be around at the same time as Cusack.

Prendergast nice chap but a pure mullocker. Cost us our last chance of a recovery in 04 against KK when he caught the ball three times rather than pass it out to Eoin McGrath who was flying on his outside and through on goal if he’d got the pass. Of course Eoin could have done anything if the pass had come his way.

Prendergast got the nod as the majority of the better Waterford lads from that time got their All Stars. It was either him, Eoin McGrath, Brian Phelan or Dave Bennett.

All as bad as each other really. The biggest All Star injustice of the era was that Paul Flynn only got one.

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That is shocking. Thought he would have gotten one in the late 90s at least as well when he was the Waterford forward line.

You could even say that Damien Reale was un-Reale…