Best of luck James Horan & Mayo

Signing in.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have an all Western seaboard final next month.

Show your support for the Green n Red of Mayo in this thread.

Up Mayo :clap:


Signing in.

Not signing in.

Feel free to leave your eastern seaboard home and move up there so DB. Let us know how it feels when you’ve been buggered by an angry farmer having been mistaken for one of his cows.

Signing in but I fear that No Mort, no party.

Signing in.fuck mort



Signing in on behalf of Padraig Nally.

Signing In

Signing In.


Big fan of horan, signing in.

Hmm. I suspected as much.

:o :o :o :o


Jesus that was sharp lads

Not signing in. Fuck Mayo


Fuck you Fran and Bando

What a victory for all us supporters of Connacht football.