Best Pubs in Ireland


I like pints

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Hourigans, Callan.

cc @Callancique

Is it still open(did it ever close?)

Due to the highly technical and urbanised one way system now in place at that part of the town I never pass by it.

Still going buh! Haven’t been in either since the lockdown but the brother frequents/keeps it viable.

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Mother Macs in the top 20?
I doubt it says croker…

Your be a little bit dubious of any cathedral of porter that gets listed on a tourist guide


Hey, at least Limerick made one of these lists. It was touch and go there for a while.

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Would they be cathedrals?

Did Finnegans win the best breakfast or best carvery award?

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Murphys in Brandon won the South West Award cc @BruidheanChaorthainn

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I see Gleesons refers to itself as a Gastropub, automatically excluding itself from Catherdal status


O’Connells on Eyre Square looks like hell on earth

The McHughs of Galway.

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Disgusted The Celt Bar didn’t take home a gong. Best all round pub in Ireland


I haven’t been in there since Covid.

They knew how to charge.

I was in there yesterday evening from 6 to 9. Place was hopping for a Wednesday evening

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The ridiculously scruffy barman appears to have moved to Bowes where he has been forced to put a shirt on him.

Mr Tynan, the owner, put up a drink for myself and the missus one time in there after he engaged us in a bit of chat. A nice touch for a Dublin city centre bar.

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Great pint in Bowes but is so narrow that it’s wedged once numbers hits 30