Best underage footballer\hurler not to make it at senior level

Every county has one…I think in recent years (well 2008) must be the Tyrone footballer Kyle Coney, I know he played senior in the past few years, but underage he was the David Clifford of his day

Would be interesting to see what ye think?

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Ronan O’Neill
Raymond Mulgrew

cluxton I guess, had high hopes for him when he want to Pats but was shit


There was a young lad in Wexford scored all his team’s points in a county final but he couldn’t stay away from the drink.

Fuck sake :rollseyes:

Mark sparky Ryan from Na Piarsigh

Any of the Laois Minor team of 96 except Beano who actually did make it

Eddie Van Boxtel. Played for home farm had the world at his feet but was a nutter. I believe he gave it all up for a life of crime.

Diarmuid McCarthy of castletroy college fame. Sad what happened him for a finish. One of the best I’ve ever seen.

That hurts mate

Eoin Foley maybe?

Ciaráns brother was meant to be some hurler

Scan Concannon


Stephen Ireland i think - he was really only a kid when ripping it up at MCFC pre 2009- it all fella apart then

That laois minor squad was very well prepared as opposed to being full of exceptional players … I think laois were one of first to do development squads
so the teams all knew each other before minor…dubs and others basically met up in February /March for match in May…The only one who you could possibly say had more to offer from that laois team was delaney in midfield.

Didnt he get back to playing 7’s for Ireland thought he was going to play for Munster after that

eric djemba djemba

I was about to say Mulgrew. Ronan O’Neill is a good inter-county footballer, we have a high opinion of him in Monaghan.

Shush. He thinks Beano made it and Joe Higgins and Tom Kelly didnt. He knows it all :smile:

Cruciate injury ruined him, lost whatever pace he had. He’s a classy player but not quick or big enough for the modern game. He was the outstanding minor in the country in his age bracket.