Big, Big Month For Celtic

Remember Black November last season? Boruc injured and Mark ‘Chocolate Wrists’ Brown being shit in goal. Caldwell filling in (badly) for three injured right backs and Steven ‘Hun’ Pressley making a fooking show of himself in the centre of defence. We very nearly didn’t claw back the ground we lost to the Huns last November but all was okay in the end and good eventually overcame evil.

We’ve got a huge period of games coming up now and we’re injury ravaged to put it mildly. Boruc is out for 4-6 weeks and that’s not good. McGeady’s injury is apparently a 2-week calf strain type thingy. Jan and Sammy are expected to be out for the entire month of November at least. Crosas has now been out for 3 weeks and it’s a hamstring tear rather than strain so he could be another 4-6 weeks too. Loovens is also injured and Naka has a knock. We need these players back as quickly as possible but we can’t afford to drop points in the meantime.

If we do then that gives encouragement to the Huns but if we can keep ahead of them up to Christmas then it should be a very interesting January transfer window for them. They haven’t won the league in some time and their revenue streams can’t support the level of debt on their books. I didn’t expect them to spend the Cuellar money but they went for broke and bought Mendes, Davis and a couple of other cunts. They thought these lads would lead them to the title and the guaranteed pot of Champions League money. But if we can stay strong and remain in control of the league then it puts them in an unenviable position. Do they accept they can’t overhaul us and sell midseason or plough on regardless ignoring the risk that they’re running themselves more into the ground by the day?

But we need to overcome these injuries and we need the likes of Caldwell and Brown to continue to lead us through these difficulties. Even though we have 4 home games and 2 manageable enough away fixtures in our next 6, we need to be mentally right for them even though we’re physically fragile. Last season we didn’t think we’d drop points to Caley and St Mirren but we did. We have to learn from that and the last thing we want is the burden of having to come from behind (while we might also be involved in Europe still in some form or other) against a team who have been given a cheap lead. If they get ahead this season then they might not repeat the mistakes of the last campaign when they sat themselves. But if they’re behind in January then I can see the cracks beginning to appear and every dropped point increasing the collective pressure and chipping away at confidence.

What I’m saying is we need big hearts and steely determination and we can bury the Huns. It’s time to unleash Pat ‘The Provo’ McCourt once and for all. Come on the Celtic.

So, we lost Maloney to a dead leg on Saturday but hopefully he’ll be fit for Wednesday night after extensive treatment. Young Paul McGowan was also ruled out on Saturday and he would have been on the bench, while McCourt is injured again too. The injury list at the moment reads: Boruc, Doumbe, Loovens, McGeady, Nakamura, Crosas, Maloney, McCourt, Killen, McGowan, Samaras and Vennegoor of Hesselink.

Strachan said McGeady’s calf injury is the least serious ‘grade 1’ strain and he should be back in another week to 10 days. There’s talk that Samaras is healing quite quickly though he probably won’t make this midweek or next Saturday but should be back on Saturday week ahead of Aalborg away. Naka needs a week’s rest apparently so again it’s crucial that we win these next couple of league games in any manner. Fook style - just win them and then some of our players will be coming back.

Looking at our rivals, I was thrilled to read this morning that Kevin Thomson is out for the season after suffering a cruciate knee ligament injury. My only regret was that his leg didn’t have to be amputated. Karma for his behaviour last season in the derby at their place in March and I wrote this on the Celtic versus The Huns - round four thread at the time:

He also has a quote in the papers today still claiming Samaras swiped him down. How the fook can he even make that claim when it’s clearly evident from the footage what a despicable cheating prick he is? Is he not embarrassed? Well, obviously not. I make no apologies for wishing him a shattered leg either. Until that incident he was just a random hun that I had complete disdain for but since his behaviour on Saturday I hope every single game he plays will be his last.

I was delighted to see that about Thomson too. Don’t often wish physical harm on players but that prick carried on like he’d had his knee snapped when in fact he’d dived the cunt. Now he has had his knee snapped. Not overflowing with sympathy here.

Wouldnt ever wish an injury on a sportsman for doing something as pathetic as feigning injury. Lifes too short lads, even if he is a prick. As Earl says, its all about karma gents.

He dived to win a penalty in a crucial game. He then feigned injury to avoid being sent off and milked it for about 4 or 5 minutes (no exaggeration). The prick is a cheating cunt and got exactly what he deserved. Glenn Hoddle was right.

Cheating cunt yes, deserved to have his leg broken, and possibly his career ended? No.

There’s bigger things than a game rocko, you know that.

He didn’t break his leg, he fucked up his knee.

It’s only loss of football time to him so I’ve no sympathy with the guy at all. I’d wish the same sort of injury on a cyclist who doped in the Tour de France - funny how cycling gets a bad name for cheating but when it goes on far more often and far more obviously in soccer it’s just ignored. The cunt is a blatant cheat and got what was coming to him.

I don’t know what happened over the weekend but rocko here and ncc over on the rememberence day thread have both lost the run of themselves…I would expect it from a gutter snipe like ncc but rocko I am somewhat disappointed to read your opinions on here…

You used to be my fucking hero man…

I’m comfortable enough wishing for an end to his career. He didn’t show any respect to his opponents by his initial cheating actions in diving to try to win the penalty and then followed it up with a shocking 5-minute period of feigning injury before being stretchered off only to run down the line celebrating at the final whistle and then followed it up by running to the papers arguing he was caught and seriously hurt by the Celtic player prior to miraculously healing in time to play in Europe the next midweek. I’d be pissed off with the dive in isolation but feigning injury and casting aspertions against Celtic players riled me further. Our players and manager could have had their Celtic careers cut short as a direct result of his cheating so I’ll gladly revel in karma like this. I’m happy he got to experience the pain of a real leg injury and hope he does so a few more times too. The cunt.

Fair enough Rocko, thats your opinion, but it wouldn’t be mine or anything close to it. I’ve suffered far worse injuries than this fella on sporting fields, ending my own sporting career, just not right to wish that on anyone.

I wouldnt wish an injury on a cyclist who doped either, why would you do that?! Its all wrong, but wishing them harm doesnt help. At the end of the day, life’s too short and sport is just sport.

It’s only a sports injury - it will stall his sporting career is all, it’s not going to put him in a wheelchair.

I have a huge problem with guys who go out to deceive the watching public, their opponents and officials in sport. I don’t like match-fixing, race-fixing, diving, doping etc. I think it undermines everything that is great about sport and if I go to the trouble of travelling 200 miles to see a soccer match I’ll be rightly furious if the thing is ruined by some overpaid prick cheating his way out of a fair result.

He very nearly cost Strachan his job last year through his actions - if you haven’t seen them you might not understand the scale of his cheating. He got himself carried off after spending 5 minutes in agony on the turf when he was untouched clear as day. It was breathtakingly wrong and he doesn’t deserve to earn a living from sport if that’s how he treats it.

Fair enough, thats how you feel, but for a bit of play acting, I’m not willing to wish injury on anyone.

Just read on that the Youth team had a narrow 11-0 win away to Stranraer in the cup. Good result as Stranraer’s a tough place to go.

Just watched the Daily Huddle and there’s some positive news on the injury front. Naka’s knee twang isn’t as bad as feared and he’s in the squad for tomorrow. Maloney’s got over his dead leg and should be available too. Samaras is ahead of schedule and trained today and might be on the bench, while Glenn Loovens is fit again too. Also, Boruc’s knee operation was routine and he’s expected to be back for the league game the Saturday before Aalborg.



Kevin Thomson feigning injury:

Kevin Thomson with a cruciate knee ligament injury:

Hope they have to cut it off, the cunt. :slight_smile:

Classy .

There’s nothing classy about cheating. Karma’s great though.

I believe in Karma. It means when I do bad things to people it’s ok because they deserved it.

Whatever helps you sleep at night bandage.