Bitch-age & Bitch-mouse

I was there maaaan! I saw things man! Things you wouldn’t believe. I saw a grown man cowering for cover as he was being schooled on the INTERNET

With Servergate we have lost Bitch-Age to the black hole @rocko created to coverup for his great friend and trusted sidekick @bandage. Please post up your favourite memory/screenshot of this very funny yet important time in TFK history


You won’t draw me out like that.

I was barely online yesterday at all. What did I miss?

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@Malarkey destroyed all comers

The Russians ???

Malarkey went buck ape

Seriously fellas, what the fuck went down?

The chap from the Examiner crashed the server again.

There was an awful lot of dog scutter

I never saw the like of it. I’d question if it’s worth even playing these All Irelands any more if this is what it does to lads

Bullet points?

  • Pat Shortt does a WhatsApp video picking up pretend dogshit with a Kilkenny jersey.
  • Richie hogan hits Cathal Barrett an elbow into the jaw
  • Tipp hammer the shit out of Kilkenny
  • PM O’Sullivan gets into the whisky, goes online and takes a vacation from his painful reality.
  • Hilarity ensues.
  • Rocko, the cunt, deletes the whole fucking thing.

A man child having a three day fit over a game of hurling. He may be book smart but this Malarkey fuckwit has the emotional intelligence of a 13 year old. Pat Shortt destroyed him.


Malarkey was very unhappy about Barrett not being sent off. Whilst many people tried understand what a lateral pull was, his superior hurling knowledge meant us mere mortals could not understand what he was trying to tell us. He was about to get the highest ever points in NUI for his thesis but couldnt submit because you cant get two MAs in the same year. He also got an A in his leaving cert English. He also wondered what it would be like to feel stupid, he thinks it would be itchy like a jumper for some reason. He has 3 friends in Tipperary and funnily enough, when he spoke to them, they agreed with his musings.

Bitch-age and the other Tippo bitches couldnt lay a glove on him. Count of monte crist tried get a definition out of him but failed miserably to lay a shot. He schooled everyone on their general intellect and also hurling knowledge. He also took grave offence to Pat Shortt and the whatsapp video of him picking up dog shit with a Kilkenny jersey. So there was a lot of references to dog shit for a long time.

We truly are blessed to have a man of his intellect share his knowledge with us. It was an absolute Tour de France performance.


a lot of lads raging they couldn’t put a glove on @Malarkey


he’s the personification of the Dunning Kruger Effect as defined.

It was the hallowed NUI versus the LIT prefab on the roundabout in thurles. Absolute destruction.

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Many detached (from reality) observers like @Sidney and @Lazarus could comprehend what he was saying and agreed wholeheartedly.


A breastfed 13 year old?

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As some columnist said recently:
“Hurling offers a platform to magnificence and childishness in equal measure.”