It seems to be endemic throughout society.

Man U - Liverpool

Cork - Kerry

Linda Martin - Twink

Any more examples, the bitterer the betterer? :slight_smile:

Northside - Southside

Mods v skas

Cnuts/guests Vs Members/Admins

East side v West side

Moshers v Ravers

Bomber v Chewy on the AS Roma thread is getting pretty bitter.

Muldoons v Urban folk. (though most of the Urbanites are ex-muldoons)

Kev v MBB was the most vitriolic and bitter relationship I’ve ever e-witnessed.

Collopys v Keanes

Flat (sport of Kings, Glitterati and civilised folk) vs National Hunt (pastime of cloth cap wearing, up to their hocks in mud standing Muldoons).

A bizzare post HHDDL :rolleyes:

Sure doesn’t young Joesph O’Brien ride in both of the above mentioned forms of racing. Is he a muldoon? :strokechin: Shame on you oh holy one!

are they not buds?

Pedigree would suggest he is, sire from Wexford, dam from KK, foaled in Tipp. But TASE would have to be the one to make the definite call on that as he is the last word on all things Muldoon.

Rubberbandits v Joe Duffy.

TASE doesnt post here anymore mate

Is there a new Kid in town? :lol:

According to an article in today’s paper Vinny Collopy has a kid with Christy Keane’s daughter.

2 Collopys are banged up abroad for getting caught with guns in Bulgaria. You’d wonder do they keep up their hard men image in that prison.

Jimmy magee v lionel messi.

The xenophobic English press v Luis Suarez.

:lol: :clap:

Kev is a gent