Bogstandard GAA photos


Is that the same fella Tommy Carr was on about being abused a couple of years ago? Fair play to him and to Westmeath, really punching their weight with the last few years


Westmeath u21 at a guess.i had a cousin playing for them last night anyway and it was v meath.


I’ll give this 24 hours before it’s in the Lookalike thread, if it’s not already there.


Boidu Sayeh is the fella here after scoring the winning goal for the Lakesiders last night. Would you believe I think Carr was referring specifically to an incident involving another Westmeath underage footballer. In a free pass for the county secretary and his trusty Foclóir Béarla-Gaeilge, when writing up the team-sheet on the eve of the 2013 Leinster Minor Final, the full back line was:
Matthew Darling, Israel Ilunga, Boidu Sayeh;


Twas Ilunga I was thinking of alright



John Kenny said on the sports news this morning that the first picture there is a great picture. Is it a great picture because there’s a black chap playing gga?


I’d say the racial abuse that lad gets is fucking savage , the midlands is full of horrendous bogmen


Its probably because one fella is in colour and the other fellas are in black and white.


No I meant the first one that was posted in the earlier post.


And what would he know about quality photos?


Maybe John is like the rest of us and doesn’t like Meath?

Nah, its probably the black thing. It is a good picture though, ecstacy and agony. Wonderful muscle definition on show too, its how I imagine Tassotti looks after an hour in the gym.


Does @Tassotti turn black after the gym ?
He’s most likely overdoing it so. I’ll ask Kev later.


its the most twee shit ull see
as bad as the day “we” all matured as a nation with that cunt Paul O Connell singing GSTQ in croke park
"oh will you look at the black fella in center forward, jesus isnt it great all the same"
fuck off


mick from ballyshite looking for a pat on the back again


the one that always drives me ape is when a game is on Croke Park and the muldoons keep mentioning that that Croke Park was built by an amateur organisation, and these lads all have to get up to go work in the morning, fuck off


in fairness, the chap scored a winning goal in an intercounty knock out game. Regardless of his race, he was always going to be the feature picture as a result. It just so happens he is black. I’m sure there are plenty of micks in Ballyshite who pat themselves over it, but Sayeh and another chap Israel Illunga have been ever present on underage Westmeath teams for the last 10 years, so nothing of note really with their side. And Illunga made headlines 3 years ago against Meath when he was sent off and there was a whole racist episode as a result. They also had another lad around the same time, Omokoro, playing minor with those lads.

Maybe their skin colour is newsworthy or notable for some, but I’m sure they and Westmeath are fed up of things being made of it when its been done to death at this stage. Similar to Lee Chin anytime he makes headlines and his heritage is discussed rather than his hurling. There probably is a generation who see them as being the same as everyone else, and another generation of the micks who love telling everyone about the inclusive nature of their teams


Lee Chin should be very thankful of his heritage it’s given him a platform that his hurling alone would not


There’s a few things that catch the eye. Liberians in Westmeath jerseys are still enough of a novelty in the GAA to grab attention. All the better that he’s after scoring the winning goal for his county. The differing reactions of the Meath lads in the background, all white as sow’s bellies, adds a good contrast and even a little bit of mischief.

There’s one other aspect that probably showed up my own preconceptions: Looking at Sayeh and his bright green & pink boots my first thought was: a real flashy corner/full-forward, probably back-heeled it in after dribbling around a few hapless muldoons. Nope, Boidu plays corner-back, the traditional domain of the GAA hatchet man.


Wasnt there a lad from the philipines or somewhere playing for Cork in the last few year…