Bogstandard GAA photos



Wtf are they doing?


You’re seething that you didn’t get to post that first


I never saw it. What are they doing? Are they fucking group high fiving?!


I’ve no idea mate


Why they’re high fiving each other of course


For beating Longford? It even fucking appears synchronized. Jesus fucking Christ. This goes beyond stupid cunting bullshit, this is a reflection of the bastarding snowflake generation. Imagine Francis Bellew being part of that? Go to fuck. Cunts.


Is McGeeney still with them?

I’d say McKeever is morto. Can’t imagine Jamie Clarke will hang around for two long with that sort of bolloxology.


Is McNulty involved or wha? :joy:




“You know you like it”



That’s pretty much camogie goalies summed up in one pic.


The Oirish are inherently racist, they have it running through them, you always see the drunken mick getting lucky lucky lads to put on whatever mucksavage jersey they have on when they are out in Spain or Greece and then taking photo’s of them, pure “look at the black fella with a Carlow jersey on in Santa Ponsa, its fecking gas so it is” then posting it on the various social media platforms to further ridicule them





Two lads playing County Hurling with each other since they were 13 or 14 years old


Nickie on the right? Who’s the other lad?


Barry Hennessy of Kilmallock. The Goalkeepers union. The two lads are the same age and have been on every team together since Primary School fighting for the Goalkeepers jersey.