Bogstandard GAA photos


What are you liking that appalling post for, you pikey fuck?


I like what I like



Two straight reds


Dooley appears to be attempting to rip the head off him as opposed to the helmet, so I would suggest a yellow and a stern talking to for him.


Breen dispossessing Dooley was the start of the move for our goal and they were engaged in the above high jinks as the play developed. Breen is a really sticky defender - we surely would have beaten Waterford in the All Ireland quarter final last year if he hadn’t contracted meningitis.




McMahon with the choke hold again…


The ballymun handshake


You can’t raise a fist anymore but that sort of shit is acceptable. Fist fights are cleaner than that bolloxology.


He’s an absolute tramp.


Fair play to Philly protecting his keeper like than, he’s a real gentleman.


Surely be worth 3 months just to connect cleanly with a tramp like McMahon or Cooper.


Philly has taken care of every muck savage that tried it.


Games gone. Back in the day he’d have been rightly fucked up for his cuntology. Still, Phillys not half as bad as J Cooper.


Dublin are more sinned against. Philly stands up for himself and every roaster foams at the mouth. Both sides indulged in petty off the ball shite on Saturday night, unfortunately that’s the way the game has gone and the GGA seemingly have no idea how to stamp it out.


Aye, poor aul Philly and Jonny are fierce set upon. You have a great way of viewing something.


On one hand you call them thugs, then you advocate assaulting them as a 3 month suspension would be worth it. You are that thick and bitter that you can’t even see the obvious stupidity in what you post.


To survive a war you must become war.