Bogstandard GAA photos


Is Barry the fella whose mother came out to bat for him in recent years?


No and well you know that . Fuck off .


That was hickey wasn’t it


That was some lad from Kilmallock.


I dont actually. You give me too much credit if you think I know the difference between the Limerick sub goalies.


That was that chap from hospital herbertstown aaron Murphy I think is his name


Correct and right


Nicky Quaid is one of the quietest and nicest fellas you could ever meet. A gentleman like his father before him. He is furthest thing from a tramp you could find on a GAA Pitch.

You’re showing yourself up as a thoroughbred cunt here.


I think a different Limerick keeper was involved in that incident. Was Quaid injured or absent for that game for some other reason? Callanan lost a few teeth in that coming together and these things can have a lasting effect on some people but he’s powered on seriously impressively. Great mental strength.


There is some misidentification of Limerick keepers here tonight .



It was Barry Hennessy, who is another gent. I wouldn’t be bothered informing the cunt of that though seeing as he’s so quick to brand fellas as tramps for accidental collisions on a pitch.


Barry Hennessy.
That was a rotten act.
Above post deleted for obvious reasons.


My ma always said I was a thoroughbred.


All you bikers are the same. Thugs.


No mate she said “inbred” not “thoroughbred”. It was just difficult to understand her with all the whistling through her few teeth.


Ah here.


He wasn’t. He was from hospital.


That was Barry Hennessey on Callinan.


lord jesus
ure some cunt :joy: