Bogstandard GAA photos



@myboyblue if the fat Cork supporter was abusing Gleeson unnecessarily Dan would lay the prick out if he didn’t do it himself. Dan looks apologetic and Gleeson looks embarrassed.


If if if if if. Fuck off. You’re making shit up to suit your narrative.

All we know is that fat cunt shouldn’t be there. He should have had the fucking head cleaved off him.


Gleeson and Cadogan were going at it off the ball during the second half. My guess is the Cork supporter was giving him grief over that. He should be staying away from opposition players.


Jesus mate you put up the photo :joy:
Now there’s no discussion allowed, you’re a fucking fruitcake.




That was him alright, still and all I’d be surprised if Dan stood idly by and listened to a stupid looking prick having a go at one of the players.


You only have to glance at that photo to get the very strong impression that the obese Cork weirdo was the main transgressor.


Shanahan seemed very put out in the live match coverage anyway. A lot of shouting and pointing / gesticulating.


This is desperate stuff,are ye making me out to be an apologist for yer man because we come from the same county? It’s an interesting photo, I’d like to know what was after happening


Jabba overheated.


Who the fuck takes a default position to defend a fat cunt who has no right to be shouting at a player, and making up a narrative about a selector who appears to be simply addressing aforementioned fat cunt? Bizarre behaviour.


In fairness you think it’s more likely the fat lad in the cape who invaded the pitch was wronged.


There’s no justification for the fat cunt to be getting involved there, whatever happened.

You’ve just lost a championship match, you don’t need some possibly boozed up prick either condescendingly saying hard luck etc or else dishing out flak unprovoked.


There’s a really annoying element among Cork support which has come from the attention given to Sombrero Cyril over the years, did ye see the fucking eejit a hanging off Kingston like he was their brother shortly after the whistle, I have no sympathy for these lads,
I’m wondering why Dan doesn’t seem to be too cross,
But humblest apologies @myboyblue if you didn’t want the photo discussed or found nothing interested perhaps you should have kept it for your private perusal


I think what today has shown is, that Croke Park were right to do away with pitch invasions.



It looks as if Gleaston made some comment to the Cork lad on his way off to which there was a reaction from the Cork lad. Still though no reason to be hanging around opposition / losing players at full time when emotions are still raw


The cork lad needs to grow thicker skin
Oh wait.


I’d say it’s glandular


Gas the way the Cork crowd defend their own no matter what the circumstances.