Bogstandard GAA photos


It’s fucking unreal. Two cunts here made up, and attributed a narrative to a player being being bellowed at by an ignoramus cunt in a cape. A fucking CAPE I ask you.


A cape partially concealing the type of tattoos that you only ever see on people who have served time in prison.

But yeah the harmless 21 year from a rural mountain parish is clearly the aggressor here. It is clear from the still photograph the Dan is apologising to the affronted Corkonian.


Trying very very hard here mate, very hard indeed.


Dans expression to me says more like the following
" Look ye won now fuck off"

You wouldn’t excuse a young lad in primary for stirring it not to mind a fully grown man ( apparantly ) I don’t give a fuck even if Gleaston did make the first comment, that Cork lad should have been nowhere near a Waterford player.


Not trying at all. Coming very easily to me in fact.


Yea, as far as the boys can see, fair play to Dan there for trying to make things up with the weird fat cunt in the cape, for something the boys believe his player said to the chap confronting the 21 year old on the field. Christ, the more you consider the more insane it gets. What sort of mind would you want to come out with such shit?


A Cork mind. @backinatracksuit probably had a perfectly reasonable explanation for yer man Prendiville on the plane.


Cork people are very clannish and parochial


Its all the inbreeding


Cork hurling fans are the greatest knackers I’ve ever encountered, followed closely by Waterford.


Is it a cape or just a flag? He has all the hallmarks of a latchiko in fairness. The belly the flag the tatts the fucking e cig clutched in his meaty paw


We are mate and proud of that fact.


I’d say you need to get to a few more games, where you from, Carlow ?


I’m from Nogra


Shur what would an African know about hurling in the name of God




I think the same lad was shown on RTE after a Cork point around 9 minutes in, can anybody look back and confirm?


How about doing it yourself you lazy cunt. Or would the wife not let you?


I was at work mate,(some people still do that) but your banter is cat altogether today, are you alright.


I’d say this is our pal alright