Bogstandard GAA photos


They’d have done well to hurl together at minor with 15 years age gap between them!


you are indeed harry. you get the most important prize possible, being right on the INTERNET




Mags whatshername in the bottom left?


Good one.




They are the only 2 stick hurlers I’ve ever heard of from Wexford before Liam Chin came along.

I was half right anyway :+1:



:clap: James is back in his rightful home.


Perhaps this should be in the “Something I learned today” thread, but I’ll put it here anyway.

In September 2016 the GAA established a new trophy named The James Nowlan Cup to be presented to the All-Ireland under-21 hurling champions.[2][3]
The old trophy, the Cross of Cashel, was retired after the 2015 final having been introduced in 1967.

I have to say I preferred the old one. And what happened to the drilling holes in the bottom of cups to discourage drinking and the like?


It was costing quite a lot to maintain and repair, so it was retired for a more robust alternative. A quare heavy piece of equipment.

Of course theres a conspiracy theory out there as well.


Limerick only decided to start winning it again when they heard there was a proper cup on the way.


Getting rid of the Catholic iconography helped too, ye shower of godless cunts.


Will the Cup now transfer to the u20 championship?


U21 hurling is remaining u21


So just football is to u20? Minor in both codes is now u17?


Vulgar carry on, a homecoming for an u21 All Ireland


Why did the powers that be decide u20 in football and u21 in hurling ?


Lovely suits for the civic reception.


Don’t ask me - I think things were fine as they were!